TFTV – Jenson’s Five Defining Races

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By Jack Fielding and Jason Fluler 

As Jenson Button takes a break from Formula One next year we look back on five races that has defined his career.

Five defining moments

  1. Sau Paulo 2009
    After a number of wins in incredible story the two Brawns were fighting it out a Interlargos following a season where they had been king. There was a history there twelve month had passed since that incredible last minute gasp giving Lewis Hamilton the championship. Button needed to repeat that fifth would keep a British champion. Button kept his head down to cross the line singing by his own admission a bad rendition of “We Are The Champions”


  1. Montreal 2011
    the 2011 race was defined by the weather the race started in very heavy rain with more on the way during the race. Button started from fourth behind his team-mate Lewis Hamilton but the two made contact on the start finish straight, dropping him to last. Button then was last but miraculously was running second when Sebastian Vettel made a mistake on the last lap of the race when “Vettel goes wide, Button leads the grand prix.”

    Contribution from Jason Flurler

    “The final moment that screams Button what more can I say Canada 2011 from top five to last to top five to last to win on the final lap of the race due to that torrential downpour thank God it came down best Canadian GP.”


  1. Melbourne 2009
    That race was remarkable for Button and Brawn GP who went onto secure the title. Button took victory for the second time in his career in a car which shouldn’t have won. It was his greatest achievement for a man who faced a winter not knowing if he would race again in F1.


  1. Budapest 2006
    Button’s first win came in the wet and the chaos of the race which saw both the title leaders out of the race. It saw button win his first race from fourteenth coming through in difficult conditions giving honda there last win as a constructor and manufacturer.

    Contribution from Jason Flurler

    “Now 2006 his first victory it was a shock one I remember sitting and watching through my six year old eyes button start fourteenth pull of a magical come back to win the Hungarian GP that’s one I’ll never forget.”

  1. Japan 2011
    Right for this race you need to put in context seven months previously Japan was hit by a the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami, causing the meltdown at Fukushima. Button was the best hope for joy as his girlfriend at the time was Japanese so it would be a home win. Button was in charge, pulling away from the safety car building his gap. Beating both Sebastian Vettel and Fernando Alonso. Unfourtiatly this day will go down as the day Vettel won his second title.

Button’s profile

Name: Jenson Button MBE
Nationally: British
Car: 22
Debut: 2000 Australian Grand Prix
Races: 307 (305 Starts)
Career Points: 1,235
Poles: 8
Wins: 15
Championships: 1 (2009)

*Correct at time of publishing

What will he be remembered for?

Button will be remembered for that fairy-tale season in 2009. Button’s F1 career could of ended if it wasn’t for Brawn stepping into buy the team which they shouldn’t have won. A team built in a matter of months like a phexnics rising out of the ashes of Honda to win the world championship ten months later.

Contribution from Jason Flurler

“Another season I won’t forget 2009 finally he got his title although I feel he deserved more 2009 was my favourite season yet watching my hero come home to win (six) of the first (seven) races followed by consistent performances had me over joyed when he crossed the line in Brazil fifth to claim his title”

Button will also be remembered for his abilities as a like Jason mentioned that was key in Montreal in 2011. Button can deliver good results and he is a leader as he deals with the media in away where he gives little information away. This sabbatical I think is really the end of his career sadly as much as we would like to see one of the gents of the paddock back its unlikely.


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