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The first tyre test of 2016 took place on the 25th and 26th of January at the Paul Riccard Circuit allowing Red Bull, Ferrari and McLaren to try out the new tyres for this season.

Teams were unaware what type of tyre they were running through-out the test as all the tyres were unmarked. Teams were not permitted to try out any 2016 parts which have been developed since the last test in Abu Dhabi last month.

Day One

Ferrari, Red Bull and McLaren took part using there 2015 cars in the first pirrelli tyre test at the Paul Ricard Circuit on the 25 January. The teams on the first day competed 285 in total with Stoffel Vandoorne taking the wheel for McLaren, Kimi Raikkonen for Ferrari.

Raikkonen and Ricciardo completed 99 laps but Vandoorne’s running was cut short after an engine failure. The circuit has been artificially soaked the track to enable Pirelli to trial their wet-weather range of tyres.

The teams are unaware of the type of tyre they are testing Ferrari says. None of the teams have launched their 2016 cars yet. But in the last test in December Vandoorne set the fastest time.

Day Two  

On the second day of the test Sebastian Vettel set the fast time with 1:06.750. Danill Kyvat was slightly down on Vettel with him being within a tenth of a second down.

Teams ran the wet tyres after the circuit was a artificially soaked by the sprinklers. This is to help the Italian manufacturer develop more durable wet tyres. Pirelli ran different compounds of a prototype wet and intermediate tyres for 2016.

Pirelli are hoping that they can improve the lifespan and the performance of wet tyres for this season.  Paul Riccard is ideal because they can control the amount of water on track



Over the two days tempurates remained low which means the information that Pirelli has gathered may not show the true pace of the compounds. Pirelli will now be looking to use the data to continue their 2016 development program.

Cars return to the track with full 2016 cars on the 22 February for the first of two tests at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalynua ahead of the opener 18-20 March in Melbourne.


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