SPECIAL REPORT – New details of the drivers ‘engagement project’

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More details have emerged about the ‘engagement project’ that drivers are planning to announce next week at the Monaco Grand Prix. It is believed that they will as the fans what they want to get out of the sport.

They want the public to engage on topics such as technical, commercial, audience behaviours, etc – even asking fans whether F1 should be viewed as sport or entertainment.

The announcement as we have reported came from the Grand Prix Drivers’ Association, chaired by Alex Wurz discussed the idea at the Spanish Grand Prix.

F1 rarely ask for ideas from fans and normally ideas for change come from within the sport.

 Analyst Editor of F1 Vault

“F1 Faces major challenges in its European heart land with falling TV viewership and rising cost for teams. Drivers tend to leave arguments about the sport to teams, Ecclestone and the FIA. I am surprise that and think the drivers are reacting to what they are being told by fans and the lack of will from FOM to use social media”

Today, the sport’s strategy group of leading teams, motorsport’s world governing body the FIA and Berine Ecclestone on Thursday to discuss ideas for 2017 onwards.

Ecclestone has been worried about the falling viewership over the last few years in Europe. However in the United Kingdom and the United States viewership has been stable or increasing over the pass few years..

Ideas on the table include a budget cap with limited design regulations, shorter races and more money for smaller teams. Also there are ideas to make the cars faster and improve tyre degradation so they don’t degrade as quickly.

Pirelli’s contract runs out at the end of 2016 and the FIA will conduct a full tender process to find the next tyre supplier. But senior figures say they wish to remain with the Italian manufacture because of the  money they bring to the sport.


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