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With debates over the future of Formula One high on the agenda in a special edition we ask what can be done to secure the future of the sport.

Crucial talks took place this week to discuss what formula one what did the  teams want and to discuss the crisis facing F1

F1 set for ‘crucial’ talks

So called ‘crucial’ talks for the strategy group will take place on Thursday to discuss a revamp of the sport. Formula One is facing major issues such as soaring costs, struggling teams, falling viewing figures in some regions and a failure to engage a younger audience.

Ferrari have called already for a ‘revolution’ in the rules for 2017 including  bigger, louder and more affordable engines in faster and more fearsome cars. There will be a vote on whether to increase the engine allocation for this season from four per driver back to the five they had last year.

The group is made up of Mercedes, Ferrari, Red Bull, McLaren, Williams and Force India, the governing FIA and commercial rights holder.

FIA Boss Jean Todt said “We know there are some things to assess. And I hope we will be able to have a good agenda and come with good proposals and decisions to submit to the F1 commission and then to the world council.”


Could F1 be going back in time to improve the show? with the sport looking back to get the audience back

Back to the past? As new rules are suggested 

Refuelling may return to F1 in 2017 as the sport looks to introduce faster, louder and more aggressive cars. The FIA today released a statement saying that the aim is to make cars faster to improve “the show.”

They will be hoping to do this by making changes to aerodynamic, making cars lighter and introducing wider tyres. Ferrari was behind the changes after Marko Mattiacci last year called for a revolution in F1 which was backed by current boss Maurizio Arrivabene.

Also teams will be given free choice to use any of the dry tyres through the weekends from next season. The statement by the F1 Commission said “All parties agreed to work together with an intention to firm up these proposals and submit them to the approval of the F1 Commission and the World Motor Sport Council of the FIA as soon as possible for implementation.”

But plans to reintroduce another engine allocation were rejected by Mercedes.


It is unusual for drivers to wade into debates about the future of the sport. Next Week there launch a project to find out what fans want.

Giving back – Drivers Union

Formula one driver will announce a plan next Friday to give more back to the fans during the rest day in Monaco. The chairman of the drivers union Alex Wurz announced after the drivers unanimously agreed the move at a meeting at last weekend’s Spanish Grand Prix in Barcelona.

Wurz says the plans are “To make sure this sport remains at the pinnacle and gets ever more popular, we would like to engage more with the fans.” The plans are believed to involve social media. F1 has the reputation for exclusive and inaccessible compared to series like the world endurance championship, where fans have much more access to the paddock and drivers during race weekends.

In recent month F1 Boss Berine Ecclestone has appeared to do a U-turn over the sports use of social media and now has a team working on developing the way FOM use social media.


More details emerged the next day. But what are they?

Asking the fans

More details have emerged about the ‘engagement project’ that drivers are planning to announce next week at the Monaco Grand Prix. It is believed that they will as the fans what they want to get out of the sport.

They want the public to engage on topics such as technical, commercial, audience behaviours, etc – even asking fans whether F1 should be viewed as sport or entertainment.

The announcement as we have reported came from the Grand Prix Drivers’ Association, chaired by Alexander Wurz discussed the idea at the Spanish Grand Prix.

F1 rarely ask for ideas from fans and normally ideas for change come from within the sport.


You can read more in a special report. Could Iran be next to join the calendar following the end of western sanctions and the rising popularity in the region

Iran looking to join the calendar

The Iranian government has announced a plan to build a Formula 1-spec circuit in the south of the country. Last week the head of the Cultural Heritage and Tourism, Masoud Soltanifar, announced in a visit to the region as the plan was being made for “the world’s most beautiful Formula 1 destination.”

However, this should be taken with caution because they state news agency has previously announced plans to build a circuit on the capital Tehran. But Qesham Island would be a better place because it is a duty free zone and has a history of tourism.

The Middle East has proven to be a popular region for F1 over the past ten years. There are also plans to take F1 to Losail International Circuit in Qatar which hosts Moto GP.


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