REPORTERS – Best of 2015 part two (07/02/2016)


Alonso switch from Ferrari has made him the riches driver currently but how much are top drivers paid compared to the lesser known eye cons

Alonso top of wage scale

Fernando Alonso remains the highest paid driver in Formula One according to magazine Business Book. The Spanish driver will earn $35 million (£257,162,960.28) this season after switching from Ferrari to McLaren this season.

The man Alonso replaced at Ferrari Sebastian Vettel is earning three times as much as he did at Red Bull $30 million (£220,341,00). Lewis Hamilton who will overtake Alonso next season currently earns $28 million (£205,651,60) but it set to rise after he signed a new contract.

Kimi Raikkonen earn $20 million (£146,894,000.00), Nico Rosberg S15 Million (£977,893.95) and Button $11 Million (£11,000,00). Towards the bottom are Sauber’s Felipe Nasr and Marcus Ericsson $220,000 each, while Manor’s Will Stevens and Roberto Merhi make even less than that, the list suggests.


EU wants to investigate F1 over the way the sport is run but why does it need backing of small teams

Investigation if backed by smaller teams

The Labour MEP Anneliese Dodds has said if smaller teams want an EU investigation into the way F1 is governance and distribution of revenues they would need to make a formal complaint.

Dodds has asked the commissioner responsible for competition to express concerns that the sport is breaking EU competition laws. Dodds said “The Commissioner in charge has made it clear to me that she can’t do anything until the teams themselves submit a formal complaint, and so if that’s what the teams feel is right then that is what they should do.”

Last year there was a debate over the way revenues were split in the sport and earlier this week a case was brought to try to try to wind the Lotus team up.

Last season Force India, Sauber and Lotus wrote to Bernie Ecclestone last November as part of a push for a re‐distribution of the sport’s revenues.

Top teams Mercedes, Ferrari, McLaren, Williams and Red Bull receive special payments and sit with the commercial rights holder and governing FIA on the sport’s core decision‐making ‘strategy group’

Berine Ecclestone said He “hope the complaint goes ahead and the competition authorities have enough patience and time to deal with it.”


He is one of the greats of the sport but could he have had a son?

Is Fangio my dad?

A court in Argentina has ordered the exhumation of five times world champion Juan Manuel Fangio to go a paternity test. There has been an attempt to block it temporarily because of a rival claim.

Local media has reported the judge Rodrigo Cataldo who order Fangio’s body to be exhumed and taken to the Atlantic resort city of Mar de Plata for DNA testing. There are two people claiming that there are the son of the F1 Champion.

Cataldo said “Precautionary measures taken by one judge cannot prevent another measure requested by another judge from being carried out. Biological identity is a human right thatcannot be blocked.”

The ruling comes twenty years to the day since his death


The build up to last year Hungarian Grand Prix was overshadowed by the death of Jules Bianchi. How is the man who was tipped for great things to be remembered

Remembering Jules

The F1 paddock gathered earlier this week in Nice to remember Jules Bianchi who died last weekend after a crash last October. Many champions including current champion Lewis Hamilton, Alain Prost, Jenson Button and Sebastian Vettel attended the service.

Bianchi suffered critical head injuries when he skidded off the track and hit a recovery tractor in last October’s Japanese Grand Prix. Hundreds of fans gathered outside the cathedral where large portraits of Bianchi were displayed above floral tributes, and applauded the late driver as the coffin was carried in by his peers.

According to French media parish priest Sylvain Brison told the congregation that, while Bianchi’s death was “profoundly unjust”, the driver had been “happy because he had made his dream come true.

Meanwhile, FIA president Jean Todt has announced that Bianchi’s chosen number 17 would be retired from the sport


With American F1 team joining the grid next year can the sport finally crack the US?

Making it in America

Gene Haas is hoping when his new F1 team joins the Formula One grid next season it can make front page news in the US. The team which is based in Kannapolis, North Carolina and Banbury in the UK is hoping to be the first US team in the modern era.

Hass is the first US team since the failed bid by the USF1 team which tried and was granted a place in 2010. He hopes that the teams supports will be similar to what the US woman’s Football team during the World Cup in June.

He told the FIA Sport Conference “An example is the women’s soccer team in the US, I didn’t even know who that was until they won this soccer event and that was front‐page news.”

Adding he is “hoping that we can have the same effect in the United States for Formula One because all of a sudden there is an American Formula One team and it will be the home team and people are going to cheer for us.”

He added he thinks completing with the Germans, British and Italians will create much more international interest than what we do as a team.


Pay drivers help small teams to survive but how is one of them. Mark Webber launched an attack in the UK media on Pastor Maldonado

Webber attacks pay drivers

Mark Webber has attacked pay drivers in two interviews with the UK’s F1 broadcasters the BBC and Sky Sports. The attack was aimed at one driver.

On Monday he told BBC Radio 5 Live that the sport has never been weaker before going further on Sky Sports. He said “We know we’ve got quality at the front, but I just still think there’s the swing of the financial drivers [into F1], who are coming to basically decide what teams they want to go to, and also if they’re going to stay there.”

He attacked Pastor Maldondo for saying he doesn’t know where he is going. Webber said “what other sports work like that? If you’re not performing, mate, on your bike, get out of here.”

He says there are few who say there are a few who go ‘oh, I’ll just come up the next race and have another go’.


Why has the managing director of Silverstone Patrick Allen used strong language to describe the sport and what impact will it have?

S*** Product

The managing director of Silverstone Patrick Allen has described formula One as a ‘s*** product’ which is becoming increasingly difficult to sell to fans.

The race fee for 2016‐21 will increase by five percent to £16 million next year after being delayed by a year with a further five percent rise for 2022‐26 which could impact the circuit hard. This year’s race 120,000 ticks were sold breaking the record.

He told the Independent “As a promoter I can only promote what you give me and if that isn’t up to standard, people aren’t going to buy.” Saying he has already raised the issue with Ecclestone.

He says “that people don’t come to watch guys looking at data screens. Fans want to see gladiators racing and fighting it out in a fair fight. Nobody wants toh ear drivers getting told to ‘lift’, ‘coast’ or ‘we’re not going to catch the guy in front, settle for second’.”

He says it is criminal that the state of racing and that is not saleable.


 Sebastian Vettel would like a return to drivers having the flexibility to race in other series. Would it be good for drivers in his view?

Return to old days

Sebastian Vettel says he would like to race in other series around Formula One but does say he wouldn’t take it lightly.

In the 1950’s, 1960’s it was common for F1 drivers to race in other series and races such as Le Mans, Indy Car and F1. The idea has returned after Nico Hulkenberg won the Le Mans 24 Hours at the first attempt for Porsche while racing in F1.

The German says he is excited by the prospect of racing in other categories but warned that drivers shouldn’t expect an easy ride because of their success at the pinnacle of motorsport. He told ESPN “Yeah I think there’s a lot of categories that look like a lot of fun.”

Adding “The only thing is I think you need to be careful because I think in the past just to make a good example with DTM I think ex‐Formula One drivers thought ‘ah, that’s a nice way to keep paying the bills and have some fun around the track’ but then you had the young guns.”

Vettel has no plans frim plans to race outside F1 but warned drivers shouldn’t expect an easy ride because their at the pinnacle of motorsport.

That’s all from part two of our look back on 2015’s biggest stories.


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