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Damming report from the EU about the alcohol in the sport has caused questions about whether it should be banned ten years after tobacco was

No alcohol ban

The FIA president Jean Todt has ruled out any ban on alcohol sponsorship in Formula One. However he said a ban would not be possible to implement.

Last week the EU backed Eurocare called on the governing body to clamp down on sponsorship by alcohol brands. The report claimed that during the 2014 Monaco GP the audience of around 500 million was exposed to a brand every five seconds.

There were similar calls before a ban on tobacco before an EU ban was implemented in 2005, but Ferrari to be sponsored by Marlboro tobacco. He told the International Transport Forum in Leipzig, “The use of advertising for alcohol is not linked to the FIA It’s linked to each singular country.”

Adding “I’m completely against and advocating against drinking and driving, but each country needs to make his own job.”


The FIA is announced they are searching for a new team to join the sport. What does the entry require?

FIA begins search for new team to join F1

Formula One’s governing body the FIA has opened the bidding process to find a new team to join the sport within the next two years.

The candidates must have the technical ability and resources of the team. The team will need to be able to raise their own money and be able to participate in the Championship at a competitive level.

According to documents on the FIA website the candidates must also meet there standard tendering process based on fairness, safety and costs. Also the candidates must set out there experience and capabilities

This includes technical experience, racing experience, facilities, equipment and engineering resources.


You can read more here. Was Marussia to blame for the death of Maria de Villota. What caused her crash and were there things to be learnt?

No action after crash of De Villota

No further action will be taken by the British Health and Safety Executive into the crash of the former Marussia test driver Maria de Villota. Villota crashed a car into a truck during a straight line test at Duxford airfield in July 2012

The Spaniard died of natural causes the following year which may have been linked to her crash. During the crash she lost her right eye but was cleared fit to drive the following year.

HSE said “The investigation is now complete and no enforcement action is being taken. Both the company [Manor Grand Prix Racing] and the DP’s [deceased person’s] family have been informed.”

De Villota, the daughter of 1980s F1 driver Emilio de Villota.


The next day her family reaction may lead to them claiming compensation.

Crash Compensation

The family of Maria De Villota are considering claiming compensation over her crash in July 2012. It comes a day after the British Health and Safety Executive announced it will not take further action against Marussia (now Manor).

She crashed a car into truck while testing at Duxford airfield. she suffered serious head and facial injuries. She then died following “neurological injuries” in October 2013.

Her family say they are now analysing the report “to evaluate the next legal steps to claim the corresponding civil compensation from those responsible.” Manor has not commented on the ruling or the threat of legal action.


Last week drivers launched the global survey of fans so former champion Jacques Villeneuve called it dangerous.

Dangerous to ask the fans – Villeneuve

Former world champion Jacques Villeneuve says it is dangerous to ask fans for their views on the sports future. Last week the drivers launched a fans survey which closes today.

Villeneuve doesn’t agree with getting the fans involved in the sport and focus on the entertaining the fans. He told Autosport “It is dangerous to ask the fans what they want, because a lot of modern F1 is what the fans wanted.”

He added “Obviously it doesn’t work. It is knowing what is required which is very intricate.”


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