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Is this a warning to everyone causing shaking for drivers about Lewis Hamilton’s current form?

Unbeatable Hamilton – Lauda

Mercedes chairman Niki Lauda believes that Lewis Hamilton is unbeatable in his current form. The three times world champion that that if Nico Rosberg is to win the title Hamilton will need mistakes.

Hamilton has had taken six wins and ten poles this season with the 30-year old currently leading Rosberg by 28 points. The British driver has looked to be on brilliant form throughout the season.  Lauda believes that Rosberg will need his Mercedes team-mate to make a mistake in order to stand a chance of beating him.

Speaking to the BBC Lauda said “At the moment it doesn’t look like it [is possible to beat Hamilton] because it was an incredible performance in practice, outstanding performance in the race and at the moment Lewis is unbeatable.”

He says if Hamilton doesn’t make mistakes it will be hard for Rosberg. He added “Nico will still try to fight him and it could be that at the next couple of races Lewis will make a small mistake with the set-up of the car and Nico will be there again.”


Pirelli tyre wear returned to the top of the agenda this week following blow-outs at the Belgian Grand Prix. Now drivers need answers to what happened 

Demanding answers

Drivers have called for answers from Pirelli demanded an end to tyre blow-out following to dramatic tyre failures at the Belgian Grand Prix. The chairman of the union which represents drivers the Grand Prix Drivers’ Association Alexander Wurz said: “We need to stop the sudden explosions.”

Both Sebastian Vettel and Nico Rosberg suffered tyre failures during the weekend. Manufacturer Pirelli is conducting a forensic investigation to understand the failures.

A spokesman said it hoped to have a comprehensive explanation of the causes of Vettel’s incident by Thursday. In a statement from Wurz and fellow directors Vettel and Jenson Button said “As drivers, we strongly believe the end of a tyre’s performance window can and should not be a tyre delamination in the form of an explosion.”

It adds they believe there is technologies which prevent such sudden delamination, but for the short term we need to give Pirelli the freedom and support to introduce any measures.

Wurz adds “We need to work together to get on top of such safety concerns.”


She has been trying to get onto the grid since she was eight but could Susie Wolff be about to walk away?

I may quit – Wolff

Susie Wolff the leading female driver has told CNN that she is considering abandoning the sport because of a lack of opportunities. The Scottish driver has been working as Williams test driver for three years.

Wolff has taken part in testing and practice sessions over the past few years but not in any races. She told CNN that she can’t wait for on the sidelines for ever. Saying “There doesn’t seem to be many opportunities for next year to get onto the grid. This is going to be a winter of reflection because either it happens or it doesn’t.”

Deputy team principal and supporter of Wolff Claire Williams adds that she still needs to prove she had the ability to earn a seat in F1. Saying “She has to make sure she’s the full package she can be. At the moment Susie is our test driver. We’ll see where we end up at the end of the season.


Hoping of decision by Renault

Lotus is hoping that Romain Grosjean’s result in Sundays Belgian Grand Prix will help Renault decide whether they want to buy back the troubled team. There were bailiffs seeking to impound the team’s cars after the race at Spa,

Trackside operations director Alan Permane says the team would welcome back the French manufacture “with open arms obviously” if Renault returned

Permane added “We’ve got a great relationship and a great partnership with Mercedes but to be a works team again would be fantastic. To build on what we have got now, to build on the chassis we have done this year and then try to emulate what we did in 2005 and 2006 with Renault”

Renault left as a works team after the crash-gate scandal in 2009, Following them fixing the 2008 Singapore Grand Prix. The manufacture is currently assessing their future in the sport with the main options being to quit or return as team owners.

Meanwhile, Lotus are facing financial problems.


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