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With rivals asking for Mercedes to be reined in is it right or has Christian Horner changed his mind

Equalisation not right

Red Bull boss Christian Horner says it is “probably not” right to call for equalisation in Formula One. In an interview with Autosport Horner says his comments were born out of frustration at Red Bull-Renault’s current lack of competitiveness.

He said in a exclusive interview with the magazine when you are a costumer you “have very limited influence over the engine. it’s frustrating when your competitiveness is compromised and you don’t have control over that.”

He says “The investment required by Renault to match Mercedes is enormous.”


Following Horner’s comments what does Rob Smedley believe or not to rein in Mercedes

Don’t hit at Mercedes

Williams’s head of vehicle performance Rob Smedley has told ESPN that he believes there is nothing wrong with Mercedes dominating F1 this year and says it is down to the other teams to catch up.

He says that Mercedes’ achievements are exactly what Formula One is about and should be praised rather than criticised. He told ESPN that the effort made by Mercedes is “pretty outstanding and I would take my hat off to them and say they have done a fantastic job.”

“I’m not going to sit here and bitch and moan because they are quicker than us. I have been in situations with teams before where we have been dominant” during his time with Ferrari.

He says it will eventually swing back to other teams, but he says Williams would not just sit and wait for that to happen.


Chinas goal rise as a global power could be about to hit formula one but if Pirelli is taken over by ChemChina. How will it impact the company

Pirelli take over

The Chinese state owned China National Chemical Corp (ChemChina) has announced plans to acquire Italian tyre manufacturer Pirelli.

ChemChina will start the process by buying 26% of the business from Camfin which is controlled by the family of Pirelli chairman Marco Tronchetti Provera.

The company which currently manufactures chemicals, oil processing, rubber products and chemical equipment. In a statement ChemChina said “Pursuant to the agreement, the operation and management team of Pirelli will be kept stable, and new business growth strategy will be defined.”

The deal still requires approval from the Chinese government and is expected to double Pirelli’s volumes in the industrial tyre business.


When will we know as the contract talks between Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes continue? Hamilton said it would be within days but it still hasn’t been confirmed

Hamilton hopes to sign within days

Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton hopes his new deal with the team can be signed before the Malaysian Grand Prix. The thirty year-old joined the team from McLaren in 2013.

Last season the talks were put on hold by Hamilton ahead of last year’s Russian GP to allow the Briton to concentrate on winning the championship. Hamilton told Sky Sports “It is going back between the lawyers so hopefully it is done before the weekend.”

Hamilton cause shock waves when he joined the team from McLaren in 2013 because of his belief that the Silver Arrows were the more likely team to deliver a championship-winning car.


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