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With the future of the sport high on the agenda what could open developments be the solution?  

Open development

Sauber team principal Monisha Kaltenborn says she thinks engine suppliers who haven’t won the championship should be allowed free engine development.

Last year DTM allowed Mercedes extra time and an additional test to develop their uncompetitive C-Coupe – concessions that were not given to BMW or Audi. Kaltenbortn believes this will be the only way to level the playing field and if given to Mercedes will only pull them ahead.

She told Sky Sports “I think that is the kind of thinking we need that you have to make it a level playing field, because the advantages which are there will be for years and not be able to be caught up.”


Imola’s mayor says the city could step in to replace Monza but why?

Return to Imola

Formula One could be about to return to Imola if Monza is unable to gain a new contract. says it believes Berine Ecclestone has already met with the city’s mayor, Daniele Manca yesterday.

Imola last held a race in 2006 and 21 years ago was scene of the dreadful race where Ayrton Senna and Roland Ratzeberger were killed. Monza organisers met with Ecclestone but talks to renew the contract have stalled after they demanded a lower race fee it’s believed.

Italy along with Britain has been the only races to feature in every season of F1.

Manca said “We wanted to show Ecclestone how willing Imola was to get Formula 1 back – but also do our part to keep the grand prix in Italy. We presented our plan to relaunch the circuit, outline the investments we have made”


Marking ten years with a McLaren Hilton has made f1 room

Hilton marks Mclaren partnership

Hilton has created a F1 inspired room for racing fans ahead of British Grand Prix. The room with has been inspired by McLaren drivers Jenson Button and Fernando Alonso.

Hilton Hotels is marking a 10-year partnership with McLaren. The room at Heathrow Airport features racing equipment and memorabilia is the stuff of dreams for racing aficionados.

The room include driver race suits and helmets, a stack of tyres and a real McLaren racing car steering wheel. Fans can book the room over the next month.


Azerbaijan will hold its first grand Prix in 2016 but how are preparations going

Baku on track

The organisers of the Baku Grand Prix say there on target to hold the country’s first Grand Prix next season. The organisers say work on the circuit in the capital of Azerbaijan is on track.

The circuit will according to the head of operations Chingiz Mehdiyev is the fastest single speed at any race currently on the Formula One calendar. There are some civil works needing to be carried out before work on the circuit begins.

The circuit will take in both the architecture of the old city, multi-million dollar developments in the city centre and the glittering Caspian seashore.

Mehdiyev say “think the race will be just fantastic. The race will go along the seaside and also it is a unique part of the track.”

“It will go all around the old city, which is a UNESCO heritage area, which involves very stiff turns, inclines, declines. So I think it will be a challenge for the drivers.”

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