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For any driver to talk openly about retirement comes as a surprise but how surprised was Mikka Hakkinen when Fernando Alonso began talking?

Shocked at retirement plans

Fernando Alonso’s comments about his retirement plans has surprised former champion Mikka Hakkinen. The Spaniard  left Ferrari after five years, unhappy with being in second place and failing to add to his two world titles won with Renault in 2005 and 2006.

He chose to take on the project at McLaren, who have teamed up with engine supplier Honda, with their car seen as one for 2016 as they struggle with development.

He says I have not spoken to Fernando Alonso personally about that kind of subject but I was quite surprised how it was written that he was already planning retirement

“So you are right, is Fernando ready to work next two, three, maybe four years in a situation when you are not close to winning?’’

“It can be a really boring process because it’s not only 15, 16 races in the season, it’s a long year, travelling around the world, it’s really, really tough, so can he motivate himself all the time?”


Has Lewis Hamilton ended a deal with his helmet supplier after 20 years?

Aril or Bell helmet

Lewis Hamilton has appeared to have ended a 20-year relationship with helmet supplier Arai by swapping to Bell.

Hamilton had a ‘gentleman’s agreement’ with the Japanese company, who supply free helmets and service to F1 drivers, but have a policy of not paying them a fee on top.

For the first time Hamilton ran a Bell helmet during qualifying but hasn’t commented on why. But he told “I haven’t made any decisions. I was just trying… As a driver you want to improve everywhere, and the [Arai] helmet’s not been in the wind tunnel. I’ve had Schuberth trying to get me to try their helmet as well.”

But sores Arail suggest the decision as a tipping point, and that the company can no longer support Hamilton. Bell posted on Facebook “Fabulous results for our Bell drivers Lewis Hamilton and Kimi Raikkonen at Bahrain GP 2015.”


Well Hamilton received praised from the very top Britons only three times world champion but for how long?

Hamilton will be triple champion – Stewart

Sir Jackie Stewart says that his title as Britain’s only triple world champion maybe on borrowed time after Lewis Hamilton’s storming victory in Sunday’s Bahrain Grand Prix.

It is 42-years since the Scott won his third and final title in 1973, but Hamilton looks to be on his way to join him after winning three out of four races. Stewart and Hamilton have not always seen eye to eye on mind management skills, as well as career and lifestyle choices, but Hamilton accepted the praise gratefully.

“It’s always positive to have other real champions appreciate what you do. So it feels nice,” he told British reporters. Hamilton has already become Britain’s most successful driver in terms of race wins and if he takes another title he will equal Sir Jackie.

But now his focus is on supporting his brother ahead of his British Touring Car Championship debut.


Rivalry is nothing new between drivers is anything new but what when it’s your own brother?  

Backseat driving

The brother of world champion Lewis Hamilton Nic, has told the Daily Mail that Lewis has asked him for advice. The 23-year old who has cerebral palsy is preparing to become the first disabled competitor to compete in the British Touring Car Championship, for Audi, starting in June.

Nic says that he shares the ability not to take advice and added that  recently he has been able to adopt a mentor’s role.

He said: “We Hamiltons are generally very stubborn. We want to do it on our own. We think we can do it without guidance. When my brother was really young, I was always guiding but then he got to an age when he was doing his own thing. But now we’ve got to a stage where my brother is asking me for advice. It’s the greatest feeling to be able to help.”


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