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Its ten years since Fernando Alonso last won a title but he remains adamant he would beat anyone in an equal car?  

I would beat anyone – Alonso

Fernando Alonso has claimed in an interview with Sky Sports that he would beat any driver if he was in a similar car and still harbours hopes of landing a third world title.

This season marks ten years since the Spaniard won his second championship with Renault. But since then spells with Ferrari and Mclaren have failed to deliver a championship with McLaren looking well off doing it this season. He told Sky Sports Martin Brundle “I don’t believe that I’m better than anyone on pure speed in qualifying, I don’t think I’m better than anyone in wet conditions, dry conditions, qualifying, race.”

He added “But if you put me in the same car at the same moment and same track as anyone. I think that I will beat them. Maybe I’m not best of all sections, but overall I will beat them.”

He admitted he is “lucky to be alive” after his high-speed collision with Haas’ Esteban Gutierrez in the season-opener, but admitted that his “stupid” initial thoughts were on getting back to racing.


Berine Ecclestone has thought out his life been against woman drivers but despite repeating that earlier this week has he done a U-turn backing woman drivers?

U-turn on woman drivers – Ecclestone

Berine Ecclestone has vowed to support the Dare To Be Different program in any way he can to get woman in to formula One. The Formula One boss said earlier this week woman racing in F1 “would not be taken seriously”, while also suggesting they would be physically unable to drive quickly.

Susie Wolff the founder of the campaign has told the BBC World Service that his comments were taken out of context, and he is determined to assist wherever possible.

Something he back up in an interview with Autosport “Whatever she wants to do we will try and support it. Let me be clear, I would love to see a woman driver in Formula 1. Absolutely. 100 per cent.”

“I was asked on stage by Martin Sorrell [the interviewer at the forum] ‘If by chance there was a sponsor out there that wanted to put 100 million into a team, providing it had two women drivers, what would you say to that? I said ‘I’d be very happy and I’d give another 20 million to make it happen’”

He said the media in recent years have overlooked his change in views in recent years. But he appeared to say he thinks they shouldn’t just be there because of their gender.


Also this week Berine Ecclestone has been speaking about the UK EU Referendum and why he is at odds with his party. So why is he backing Brexit and Donald Trump for the presidency of America

EU Referendum – Ecclestone sets out case for Brexit

Berine Ecclestone has told Advertising Week Europe the reasons why he is backing the campaign for Britain to leave the European Union. He said he is a 100% backing the Vote Leave campaign.

He said “I don’t see what Europe does for England. [I see] no [economic] benefit at all. Europe has become less important, full stop. I don’t think we need to have anything to do with Brussels.”

Ecclestone is one of few Labour party members who back Britain leaving the EU. He also backed the US Republican candidate Donald Trump to become president saying “I think he’d be a fantastic president. I’m sure he’s much more flexible than most of them. If he’s made a mistake, he’s more likely to say: ‘It was a good idea at the time’”

Earlier this year he said Valdimir Putin should be in charge of Europe.


Haas has received praise from there nearest rivals. But why are some calling it the wakeup call the sport needed?

Teams praise Haas

Midfield rivals of Haas have today been praising the way the team has started their debut season saying it’s the wakeup call the sport needed. Many drivers and team principals have been commenting on the teams start to the season.

Toro Rosso’s Carlos Sainz and Force Indias deputy team principal Bob Fernley, have been speaking to the magazine Autosport on the same day there Team Principal told the magazine about their development programme and a major recruitment drive to help them move forward.

Sainz said “After the first test we thought they would be where they are now, but then after the second we thought they would maybe not be much of a threat.”

“After Australia I wouldn’t say they were particularly impressive, especially in the race I thought we were much stronger.” He added what the team are doing was what the sport needs and was “what f1 also needs.

Fernley’s assessment of the team was “They’ve done a super job. You can’t fault what they have done, and the car is obviously competitive, so I don’t think there are any issues with that, but we obviously need to be battling with them.”

He added the are “well-managed, with damn good drivers, and a good technical package to start the season with.”


Why does Lewis Hamilton believe he done more than another driver to promote the sport?

I owe the sport nothing

Lewis Hamilton has told CNN that he doesn’t owe Formula One anything and feels nobody has done more to promote F1 than him.

He told the US news giant that he has given his blood, sweat and tears to the sport which means he feels he doesn’t owe anything else. He said “I actually probably promote the sport more than any other driver ever has. I’m at more events talking about Formula One more than any driver ever has.”

“I don’t feel like I have any more of a responsibility. I’ve got some incredible fans and I give as much time as I can to motivate them and energize those who do follow me. So I don’t know what else I have to give.”

His showbiz lifestyle has been criticised by many in the paddocks. He says he has no  desire to take on a more influential role. “Ultimately sport, business… it’s money and power. We [the drivers] will say stuff but ultimately it’s those people who are sitting in their chair, striking a pen, paying checks, making money, that will be the ones that [have the final say],” he said.

Speaking about his start to the season he said  “Hopefully I’ve still showed that fighting spirit that I’ve always had since I was a kid.”


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