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Carlos Sainz was not chosen to be promoted to Red Bull but why does he remain confident he will get a chance with the senior team?

Will get a chance with Red Bull

Carlos Sainz is convinced he will also get a chance to race with Red Bull despite them choosing to promote his team-mate Max Verstappen from this weekend Spanish Grand Prix.

Sainz who made his debut with Verstappen last year admits he would have liked to be in the Dutchman’s position, but he reckons his opportunity will come if he keeps on performing. Speaking in the Spanish media yesterday he said “”Frankly, when I heard that they were moving Max up, I’m not going to lie, I would have liked it to be me.”

“You obviously want it to be yourself who moves to Red Bull, but then when you think about it quietly and I see it more and more in a positive way.” He says Red Bull know what he is capable of.

“They have been comparing me with Max for one-and-a-half years and they know what I can do”. Sainz suggested that Verstappen switch may have been positive as he feels Verstappen often drove attention away from his own achievements.

“The goal is still the same, and my personal situation doesn’t change. It’s true that with Max there was a lot of media attention and there were results from me that were camouflaged by things he was doing, but that didn’t affect me and I’m not going to let me affect me.”


In just under six weeks’ time voters will go to the polls in the UK asking whether Britain should remain a part of the European Union. What impact could it have on Formula One?

EU Referendum – Possible F1 impact

In six weeks’ time voters in the UK go to the polls in a referendum asking whether Britain should remain a part of the European Union. While Berine Ecclestone one of few Labour party members calling for Britain to leave the EU what do others think?

Last week all team bosses were asked during a press conference about the vote as ever tide the line set by Ecclestone “we don’t talk about politics”, even though the question asked was not about the politics of the referendum.

Already the commission is interested in looking at a investigation into anticompetitive practices within Formula One and allegations that the sport operates as a cartel.

Ecclestone told Auto Motor und Sport this month “The European Commission is beginning to be a little more interested in Formula One and whether the competition laws are respected.”

Regardless of the outcome the investigation will continue and Britain will be subject to EEA rules. Already Footballs governing body FIFA, has had an investigation into wire fraud, racketeering, and money laundering.

Legal expert Richard Pike told ESPN “it could be interesting to see what might happen, though, if anyone decided to ‘put the pedal to the metal’ and pursue an antitrust case in the U.S. courts. U.S. and EU law might look similar on their face but private treble damages claims in the U.S. courts would arguably look a lot more threatening”


Most of the talking points after last Sundays Spanish Grand Prix was the crash between Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg. Here is the incident explained plus there reaction

Madrecedes – Crashes

The Mercedes pair came together at the start as Hamilton tried to pass into turn four but hit the back of Rosberg taking both of them out.  Rosberg made the better start as Hamilton was behind trying to go down the inside a Turn four but went out onto the grass before spinning into the back of his team-mate taking them both out of the race.

The team are very cross and it’s not the first time that the pair have come together. But they need to learn and its silly racing incident that cost teams championship. Rosberg had the lead and as the person in front who sets the pace and controls the race

“I was aware of the situation, I saw Lewis coming closer,” Rosberg explained, “so I went for the usual racing driver action of closing the door as early as I could. I was making it clear I wasn’t leaving any space, so I was very surprised that he went for the gap anyway.”

Hamilton added “First of all, a huge apology to all of our team – when I stopped my heart just sank. To not deliver for them, it’s honestly… indescribable how gutted I was.

“I got a good start but he [Rosberg] slipstreamed me into Turn 1. Then through Turn 3 he had a d-rate – basically he made a mistake and started in the wrong engine setting. We only have one setting for maximum power and he wasn’t in it.”


Formula E has race in London but the idea of a Formula One race was raised again?

London could hold a Grand Prix

Berine Ecclestone says that a Grand Prix could be held in London as early as 2017. Last year the Battersea Park Street Circuit held Formula E.

A few years ago a video was released of a planned circuit around Buckingham Place and the Houses of Parliament. But the second phase legislation to create the local council to create the circuit has been delayed.

A spokesman for the Department for Transport said this would be addressed in “due course”.


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