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Ron Dennis career appears to be at an end after discontent in McLaren so why has he gone and what is his biggest achievements?

Ron Dennis Resigns Following Ultimatum And Discontent Over His Leadership

Ron Dennis has resigned following an ultimatum by shareholders who said he must give up his position as chairman and chief executive of McLaren Group. The coup against Dennis has been building in the recent weeks after discontent within the boardroom with other investors.

The self-styled team boss has been suspended for the remainder of his two month contract after Dennis unsuccessfully tried to seek a High Court injunction to prevent a move from taking place.

Reports of the coup have built up over recent weeks after news broke that his contract will not be renewed.

A statement from Dennis said “I am disappointed that the representatives of TAG and Mumtalakat, the other main shareholders in McLaren, have forced through this decision to place me on gardening leave.”

“The grounds they have stated are entirely spurious; my management style is the same as it has always been and is one that has enabled McLaren to become an automotive and technology group that has won 20 Formula One world championships and grown into an £850 million a year business.”

Dennis who oversaw the teams success during the 1980’s and 90’s is not seen by the shareholders as the man to rebuild the team. But Dennis says he will use his “significant shareholding in both companies and my seats on both boards to protect the interests and value of McLaren and help shape its future.”

He remains on the board of both MTG and McLaren Automotive Ltd, and a significant shareholder in both companies.


You can read the full story here. Max Verstappen driving has been in the spotlight since Mexico. But what impact has it had on him according to his father Jos?

Verstappen not affected by criticism

Max Verstappen’s father Jos says his son has not been affected by the criticism of his driving this season and says there is more to come following his performance at the Brazilian Grand Prix.

Verstappen this week has been praised following an impressive drive in difficult conditions during the race with his father describing it as a “special moment” for both the 19-year-old and Formula One.

Verstappen Jr is approaching the end of his second season and Jos reckons F1’s youngest race winner will continue to flourish. Jos told reporters “I think he will only get better. He’s 19, his second year in Formula 1 and if he can deliver a race like this we have a lot of enjoyable years in front of us.”

The youngest ever driver and race winner has shown his brilliance but also has face controversies over his driving style. Lead recently by Sebastian Vettel, who labelled his driving as  ‘not correct’ in a passing move that saw the Ferrari take to the grass.

However, despite coming under fire from rivals this season, his father insists the 19-year-old has remained totally unfazed. “He doesn’t care, he doesn’t mind. I’m more into that and he says ‘shut up, it’s fine’. He doesn’t care.” Added the former F1 Driver.

His overtake on Rosberg this week earned him a nomination for Action of the Year at the FIA Gala in a fortnights time.


Red Bull seemed serious about quitting F1 last year so why has there founder Dietrich Mateschitz now said they weren’t?  

We weren’t serious about quitting – Mateschitz

Red Bull wasn’t serious about quitting Formula One during its dispute with Renault says CEO and founder Dietrich Mateschitz. Last year the teams and engine partner Renault had fallen out over the lack of competiveness on track.

Red Bull terminated there contract but after failing to agree a deal  with Ferrari, Mercedes and Honda, in the end it had to go back to Renault for a deal that allows it to run rebranded TAG Heuer power units. Despite the ‘serious’ treats now Mateschitz says they weren’t that serious.

Speaking to the Spanish newspaper Marca he said “Really, we never thought about it. Although, in theory, there were always circumstances that could have made us go down that route, like for example, the obvious case of not having been able to secure a power unit supplier.”

This season has seen a huge turn around by the team who are second in the constructors championship with them tipped to be the main challengers to Mercedes next season.


We have heard about Russian doping so why have no Formula One drivers been tested since 2013/14?

Is a doping scandal about to hit?

The Sun newspaper has unearthed a lack of doping testing by the World Anti-Doping Agency in Formula One. The Sun report comes after McLaren’s Jenson Button said he hasn’t been tested for “three or four years”

WADA has faced criticism over the Russian doping scandal which saw the majority of athletes banned from the Olympic and Paralympics. There is no evidence of drivers were using drugs to gain an improvement in their cars, there is still a lack of testing in place. Button has  and called for more random tests, telling the sun he hasn’t been tested for three years adding “I don’t know of any drivers who have been tested recently.”

He says Wada tested in winter and they did urine tests at races. Meanwhile it has merged that Wada is set for urgent talks with the FIA over these allegations.


Its been a battle all season for Lewis Hamilton to chase his team-mate down due to problems which weren’t entirely his fault. But how hard would it be if he lost his world title?

Hard to swallow if I lose – Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton says that losing the championship to Mercedes team-mate Nico Rosberg would be hard to swallow. The world champion has been on the back foot through-out the season because of technical problems.

But following a good couple of races Hamilton has closed the gap, however he needs Rosberg to have difficult weekends as the German can seal the title with second and third place finishes. The brit told Autosport “I don’t know how you can prepare for losing. I don’t think you can prepare to lose, even though I’ve experienced it before.”

Hamilton has been in Rosberg’s position before, in 2007 he was the one being chased by Kimi Raikkonen who turned a seventeen point deficit into a point lead with a maximum of twenty. “I know it [this year] won’t be as painful as then,” added Hamilton.

“I’ve lost many races and championships through my career, so it’s not like I haven’t experienced it. Right now I’m in a scenario where I know there is more of a chance I will lose it than I’ll win it. It’s hard to swallow, but it is what it is.” He adds.

Hamilton says he feels  that is unusual that he is the one without his own destiny in his hands. He says that it’s a great feeling knowing he has to fight for something and not knowing if he can do it. But “One way it can be painful, another way it can be a great thing, but all I know is, right to the last minute, things can change, so that’s why I can’t give up.”


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