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Why has the Force India boss been charged for making a advertising deal. He says he will not stand down

Charges stand for Mallya

India’s Supreme Court has rejected an appeal by Force India boss Vijay Mallya to drop charges relating to violation of foreign exchange rules. Mallya is charge with entering an unauthorised agreement in 1995 to advertise the Kingfisher beer brand on F1 cars between 1996-1998.

Mallya is chairman of Kingfisher Beer which says he made an advertising deal without seeking permission from the central bank. The deal needed clearance because the agreement involved money going out of the country.

Mallya sold most of his shares to and gave management control to Britain’s Diageo Plc in 2012. In April, the board of United Spirits began a procedure to remove Mallya as the company’s chairman due to alleged financial irregularities.

Mallya denies the charges and will not resign.


This weekend F1 was due to race in Germany but with falling interest is the race going to happen?

German GP will return – Wolff

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff says the German Grand Prix will return to the calendar next year after being dropped because of financial difficulties. The race was due to take place this weekend.

Last week when the provisional calendar was released but there is no guarantee that the race will take place until the organisers pay the £14 million race hosting fee. Wolff told The Independent “We will be in Germany next year. The race is 100 per cent going to happen. The budget is there, it is a fact.”

He added “Bernie [Ecclestone], Mercedes and the organisers in Hockenheim tried to help [fund it] but we couldn’t come up with the budget.

Attendances to the race has fallen in recent years and the  Nurburgring is currently in £240m of debt after building a shopping centre, hotel and amusement park.


Why has a man asked if Juan Manuel Fangio is his father

Is Fangio my dad?

A court in Argentina has ordered the exhumation of five times world champion Juan Manuel Fangio to go a paternity test. There has been an attempt to block it temporarily because of a rival claim.

Local media has reported the judge Rodrigo Cataldo who order Fangio’s body to be exhumed and taken to the Atlantic resort city of Mar de Plata for DNA testing. There are two people claiming that there are the son of the F1 Champion.

Cataldo said “Precautionary measures taken by one judge cannot prevent another measure requested by another judge from being carried out. Biological identity is a human right that cannot be blocked.”

The ruling comes twenty years to the day since his death


Romain Grosjean sitting out practices hurts is pride but why

Hurting Grosjean’s pride – Permane

When Romain Grosjean steps aside for test drivers Jolyon Palmer it hurts his pride according to Lotus trackside operations director Alan Permane.

Plamer have driven the Frenchman’s car during five practice sessions and is currently scheduled to drive at the next three practice sessions. Grosjean has already hinted at his frustration at sitting the session out which he belives has an impact this has on his race preparations, relative to team-mate Pastor Maldonado, who drives in every session.

Permane when asked about hurting Grosjean’s pride he told Autosport “I don’t think so. A driver of Romain’s stature, it may hurt his pride rather than his actual performance.”

He added “There is frustration for Romain of course due to him losing out on some Fridays. I suspect that some of the frustrations are because of the image of it and none of us like that.”

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