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Ahead of this weekends race human rights was on the agenda as Amnesty International released a report highlight there fears about the gulf state

Amnesty warning over Bahrain

A report has been released by Amnesty International ahead of this weekend’s Bahrain Grand Prix warning that human rights abuses in the country continue despite reassurance from the government.

Every year as we examined earlier this week, when the race comes round the focus returns to the political unrest in the country. The report details cases of beatings, deprived of sleep and adequate food, burning with cigarettes, sexually assaults, subjected to electric shocks and burnings with an iron.

The report accuses the government of conducting “chilling” crackdown on dissent, with activists and government critics rounded up and jailed, including some detained for posting comments on Twitter or – in one case – for reading a poem at a religious festival.


You can read more in a special report. Six months on from Jules Bianchi’s crash his father spoke to a newspaper about their pain

Endless pain

The father of Jules Bianchi says the fight for his son to recover from his crash last season is like “running a marathon every day.”  Bianchi remains in a coma six months after crashing into a recovery vehicle at the Japanese Grand Prix.

He told the French newspaper Nice-Matin “Our universe collapsed on 5 October 2014.

“I think that in this type of accident it shocks more than an actual death. The pain is endless – a daily torture. Every day, Jules is running a marathon. All of his organs are working without assistance. But, for now, he remains unconscious. He’s moving forward. So we hope for a new evolution. The next one would be for him to get out of his coma.”

He says that all of his son’s organs are working without help from machines. But he added that for this kind of trauma evolution is very slow


Spraying champagne is a tradition going back to the early days of the sport. But why has it been called sexist?

Tradition Under attack

World champion Lewis Hamilton has been attacked by feminist campaigner’s after spraying a hostess with champagne after winning Sundays Chinese Grand Prix.

He sprayed the champagne in the face of the woman on the podium which a group Object which campaigns against sexism has condemned. Object campaigns against on media sexism and ‘sex object culture’.

There chief executive Roz Hardie told the Daily Mail “The photographs appear to show that the woman is not just being splashed, but that the champagne is being very specifically directed into her face, which does not look to be voluntary.”

She says if it wasn’t voluntary Hamilton should apologise saying “The photographs appear to show that the woman is not just being splashed, but that the champagne is being very specifically directed into her face, which does not look like a voluntary piece of horseplay on her part”


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