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High praise from the top why has Berine Ecclestone branded Hamilton as the “best world champion we’ve had”. But called a four time champion “bad for business”

Hamilton best champion – Ecclestone  

F1 boss Berine Ecclestone has hailed Lewis Hamilton as the “best world champion we’ve had”.

Last month Ecclestone praised the Englishman as “super promoter of the sport” because of his global appeal over his team-mate and Sebastian Vettel. He is a familiar face on both sides of the Atlantic with an interest in showbiz, music and fashion.

Ecclestone told Sky Sports “He reaches to all types of people throughout the world. He can more or less go to most places in the world and not have an F1 uniform on and people would still recognise him.”

Vettel is very protective over his private life and Ecclestone hinted Rosberg was ‘bad for business’ in an interview.

He also gave Red Bull’s Daniel Riccardo praise saying “if he were to ever have an accident – which l hope he doesn’t – and he has someone giving him the last rights he would still be smiling at the priest.”


Why won’t the Indian government give more support for the countries Grand Prix? What are the views of president of Nissan India boss

India difficult without government support

The president of Nissan India says it is very difficult to organise a Formula 1 race without government support. Guillaume Sicard told NDTV that “there is always government support required. If you don’t have the support, it is very difficult (to organise the race).”

The reason why the race was removed from the calendar last season is because the state government of Uttar Pradesh has refused to accept F1 as a sport and instead classifies it as entertainment. This requires the sport to pay tax and duties on everything connected with the race.

Organisers say it will be difficult to organise another race without the support of all parties saying “We will go the central government again in due time, once we are closer to organising the race again, we will go. It could be a win win situation.”


Could Russia lose it’s grand prix after the company which operates the circuit went bust?

Sochi operator goes bankrupt

A court in the Krasnondar region of Russia has ruled the company that operates the Sochi Autodrome has gone bankrupt. Formula Sochi was in debt of around 5.8 million Rubles while there assets totalled 1.4 million Rubles.

The company invested $200 million in the development of the circuit around venues the held the 2014 Winter Olympics. The circuit signed a deal to host the race until 2020. The contract also has a five year option.

The deal was originally brokered by President Vladimir Putin and Bernie Ecclestone, chief executive of the group that manages and controls the commercial rights to the sport.


Alonso switch from Ferrari has made him the riches driver currently but how much are top drivers paid compared to the lesser known eyecons

Alonso top of wage scale

Fernando Alonso remains the highest paid driver in Formula One according to magazine Business Book. The Spanish driver will earn $35 million (£257,162,960.28) this season after switching from Ferrari to McLaren this season.

The man Alonso replaced at Ferrari Sebastian Vettel is earning three times as much as he did at Red Bull $30 million (£220,341,00). Lewis Hamilton who will overtake Alonso next season currently earns $28 million (£205,651,60) but it set to rise after he signed a new contract.

Kimi Raikkonen earn $20 million (£146,894,000.00), Nico Rosberg S15 Million (£977,893.95) and Button $11 Million (£11,000,00). Towards the bottom are Sauber’s Felipe Nasr and Marcus Ericsson $220,000 each, while Manor’s Will Stevens and Roberto Merhi make even less than that, the list suggests.


Excessive pay for top drivers is that the solution to save the sport?

Mosley attacks Pay

Former Fia president Max Mosley has called the amount modern drivers are paid as “absurd” in an interview with GQ Magazine.

He said if he was the boss he would make all teams have the say money and be allowed to spend either more on the car or driver. Mosley has long campaigned for F1 to get costs under control and believes the current salaries for top drivers are excessive.


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