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He has dominated for two seasons but could it go on for ten years?

Hamilton could dominate for a decade

The father of Lewis Hamilton says his son could dominate the sport for the next decade. Anthony Hamilton told Sky Sports “He is only going to get better, he is only going to get stronger,”

Previously Hamilton said he was planning to retire aged thirty seven. Hamilton Sr added “He has another seven to 10 years left in the sport and he is extremely competitive. He is still young so he has quite a few left in him.”

He believes that his son will never give up on his other interests which include his music album and the highlife in LA. He added that his soon will remain in the sport as long has he has the sprit which he says is bad news for everyone else.

He believes that Hamilton wants to see others close the gap in 2016 to make it more of a challenge and to win on merit.


Williams has a difficult position with it having investors its important to deliver good results. But where does it priority lie?

Car priority over drivers – Symonds

Pat Symonds says that the Williams team will continue to prioritise there spending on their car rather than trying to get a big signing. The British team who are believed to have the fifth biggest budget in the sport.

Williams have had two strong seasons after regulations changed in 2014. Speaking to Autosport Symonds said “When I’ve said it in the past, I didn’t meant we couldn’t exploit what superstar drivers have got, but they cost money.

“But at the moment, we are deficient in areas which I would prioritise over a superstar driver. So if Alonso came to drive for us, we would make full use of him and we’d work well with him.” But he added the team couldn’t afford  his wages.

He says both Felipe Massa and Valtteri Bottas are perfect for Williams and work well together.


They are owned by same group as Ferrari but could Fiat set up another F1 team bring back the Alfa name after twenty eight years?

Alfa Romeo return on cards – Marchionne

Ferrari chairman Sergio Marchionne, has revealed a plan to help boost their Alfa Romeo brand in Formula One. Both Alfa Romeo and Ferrari are owned by the Fiat Group.

Last year there were talks at the height of the Red Bull engine saga about the Austrian team running either a Ferrari or Alfa branded Ferrari engine. But Red Bull decided to stay with Renault branded TAG Heuer after both Ferrari and Mercedes rejected their bids.

Marchionne has said its not a case of badging, rebranding or buying a team he was like it to see them enter as a full-fledged team building their own cars. He said “Alfa Romeo are capable of making their own chassis, just like they are capable of making their own engine.”

This suggests that any project would be separate from the Ferrari team and would be a customer team.  But, Marchionne didn’t rule this out fully.

He says he was criticised for not giving Red Bull an engine but says he “agrees with people that say that Red Bull were too tough on their engine suppliers, but in the end this sport must continue.

Adding “The important thing is to have other large manufacturers enter the sport.”


Its one of two Grand Prix’s which has been on the calendar sinice the first season of the F1 World Championship but could that end?

Hanging in balance

The Italian Grand Prix along with the British Grand Prix is the only race to have taken place since the inaugural championship in 1950.

Last month the president of the Automobile Club of Italy Angelo Sticchi Damiani said the future of the race should be secured to 2020 or 2023 by the end of February. A meeting hasn’t yet taken place as it believed the owners haven’t found the investment to modernise the circuit.

This includes improvements the quality of the grandstands, develop the public areas and improve the parking situation.


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