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Pay drivers help small teams to survive but how is one of them. Mark Webber launched an attack in the UK media on Pastor Maldonado

Webber attacks pay drivers

Mark Webber has attacked pay drivers in two interviews with the UK’s F1 broadcasters the BBC and Sky Sports. The attack was aimed at one driver.

On Monday he told BBC Radio 5 Live that the sport has never been weaker before going further on Sky Sports. He said “We know we’ve got quality at the front, but I just still think there’s the swing of the financial drivers [into F1], who are coming to basically decide what teams they want to go to, and also if they’re going to stay there.”

He attacked Pastor Maldondo for saying he doesn’t know where he is going. Webber said “what other sports work like that? If you’re not performing, mate, on your bike, get out of here.”

He says there are few who say there are a few who go ‘oh, I’ll just come up the next race and have another go’.


Did Pirelli do a u-turn before the Italian GP about what caused tyre blowouts at Spa?

Tyre u- turn

Pirelli are risking a spat with drivers following the investigation into what caused a spectacular tyre blowout on Sebastian Vettel’s Ferrari during the Belgian Grand Prix.

After they race the tyre manufacturer blamed excessive tyre wear, caused by Ferrari’s “risky” strategy, but The Telegraph newspaper says it has learned the failure was caused by a cut to the tyre, likely from a piece of debris or one of the circuit’s curbs.

Pirelli however hasn’t ruled out tyre wear as the contributing factor in the blowout which will be relived in Monza. The issue is likely to cause damage to the fractious relationship which began in 2013 after issues at the British Grand Prix after a series of problems during the race.

Nico Rosberg, who also had a blow out at Spa, has called for changes to the tyre’s construction but Pirelli will run in Monza this weekend without any alterations. Also there are conversions between the drivers’ union Grand Prix Drivers’ Association and Pirelli.


With European races under attack the three times world champion Sir Jackie Stewart has called Monza the next to be dropped

Protect historic races – Stewart     

Sir Jackie Stewart has called on Formula One to protect historic races as doubts over the future of the Italian Grand Prix.

F1 chief Bernie Ecclestone said last month that there is a “good chance” the race at Monza would be dropped after 2016. There are also doubts over the future of the German GP, which was dropped this season but is penciled in for 2016.

Stewart told Autosport that is not good when the sport started losing the historic circuits. Monza has held every Italian Grand Prix bar one since the World Championship began. He said “It would be very negative for Formula 1 and motorsport in general if Monza could not put a deal together, with a possible compromise on one side or the other.”

Adding “No matter where you are in the world, if you say the word Monza, it comes to everyone’s mind what it is – it’s the home of the Italian Grand Prix. The charisma of Monza and the passion of the crowd is in excess of any other grand prix in the world.”


There ability to survive the winter was a miracle but cost their car. But will there 2015 ever turn a wheel?

2015 car abandoned

Manor will wait until  2016 to introduce a new car in order to allow for maximum time to be spent on development. This year they have ran a upgraded 2014 car after being recused in mid-February from administration.

This year they have focused on rebuilding and recruiting new staff like former Mercedes technical director Bob Bell. Sporting Director Graeme Lowdon says at the start of the season they had planned to make some major change to the chassis and power unit during the 2015 season.

He said “The rate of development of that chassis has been good and the optimum time to push that button was getting pushed back.” Adding the team is confident that the news car will be a major step forward.

The early races offer smaller teams a better opportunity score points. Lowdon is keen to ensure Manor does not compromise next season in search of gains this term.

He added that there will be updates to their car which will all be relevant to next year by the end of the month.


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