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Dummy pit stops were part of Mercedes strategy at the British Grand Prix but could they be stopped on safety grounds?

Fake stops warning

The FIA has warned teams about making ‘dummy’ pit stops after Mercedes’ failed attempt to fool Williams at the British Grand Prix. Mercedes tried to forced Williams into changing their strategy.

Race director Charlie Whiting said “I have no intention of giving them a few chances and will talk to all the teams in Hungary about this and warning them that we will want to see (and hear) evidence that they were actually intending to stop.”

The regulations say team personnel can only enter the pit lane “immediately before they are required to work on a car and must withdraw as soon as the work is complete” for safety reasons.

Toto Wolff admitted that the team had been trying to fool their rivals into making a stop. He said his wife Williams test driver Susie sent him a WhatsApp message saying “You guys think you can fool us? Hahaha. So it was worth at least the entertainment”


Could the luxury car maker Aston Martin be another manufacturer debating to join F1?

Aston Martin return?

Aston Martin has had discussions Williams and Force India according to Autosport  as its evaluation of a possible return to the sport. Aston Martin is part owned by Mercedes and it understood to have given its blessing to such an arrangement.

Three of Mercedes powered teams Williams, Force India and Lotus are believe to be in the picture. Should a deal happen, Aston Martin would get branding on the car’s, with Mercedes recognised as the official engine supplier.

CEO Andy Palmer told the magazine “The paddock is always full of rumours. We have to explore ways of getting Aston Martin’s name known around the world and we currently use the World Endurance Championship principally to do that.”


EU wants to investigate F1 over the way the sport is run but why does it need backing of small teams

Investigation if backed by smaller teams

The Labour MEP Anneliese Dodds has said if smaller teams want an EU investigation into the way F1 is governance and distribution of revenues they would need to make a formal complaint.

Dodds has asked the commissioner responsible for competition to express concerns that the sport is breaking EU competition laws. Dodds said “The Commissioner in charge has made it clear to me that she can’t do anything until the teams themselves submit a formal complaint, and so if that’s what the teams feel is right then that is what they should do.”

Last year there was a debate over the way revenues were split in the sport and earlier this week a case was brought to try to try to wind the Lotus team up. Last season Force India, Sauber and Lotus wrote to Bernie Ecclestone last November as part of a push for a re-distribution of the sport’s revenues.

Top teams Mercedes, Ferrari, McLaren, Williams and Red Bull receive special payments and sit with the commercial rights holder and governing FIA on the sport’s core decision-making ‘strategy group’

Berine Ecclestone said He “hope the complaint goes ahead and the competition authorities have enough patience and time to deal with it.”


Why does Lewis Hamilton find his former team McLaren fall from the top hard to watch?

Demise hard to watch – Hamilton

Former McLaren driver Lewis Hamilton has said it is hard to watch the team struggle to be competitive in Formula 1 at the moment.

Hamilton career was supported by the team since he was eight until he left the team after winning in 2008 championship. He left the team before their current downturn in 2012. The team switch to Honda power this season which has proved tough for the team.

Hamilton told Autosport “We all know it’s been difficult for them this year and it’s definitely hard for me to see that. It’s such a great team, such a huge team, that’s had such great success, and it’s a team that I was a part of for many years.”

He said that McLaren can turn itself around and the team has “a lot of great engineers, and a team spirit which eventually I believe will pull through.”

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