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Valtteri Bottas’s injury sustained in March will impact him for the rest of his career but what does he need to do to stay in F1

Career of special exercises – Bottas  

Valtteri Bottas has told Autosport that he will need to do special back exercises for the rest of his career after an injury sustained in qualifying at the Australian Grand Prix.

Bottas missed the race after he suffered what Williams described as “a small tear in the annular part of a disc” but returned to F1 in Malaysia having made changes to the position of the car’s pedal and seat. Bottas said he doesn’t feel pain and has a series of exercises which he will do while he remains in Formula 1.

He said “I’m still doing specific exercises for my lower back and those muscles three or four times a week. I think I’m going to continue that all my career just to make sure it’s not going to happen again.”

He said he maybe has been playing catch up this season.


It has been a difficult season for mclaren but how tempted has Alonso been to walk away from F1?

Tempted to walk away

Fernando Alonso says he has been tempted to walk away from Formula One because of the restrictive regulations. The Spaniard joined McLaren this year but they have been uncompetitive.

It has been his worst season since he made his debut in 2001 and he says the regulations, tyres and the new limit on testing next year are frustrating him. He told ESPN “I love motorsport, all the categories, and it is true that Formula One is not exactly the same, or as exciting as it was in the past – at least to me – to drive the cars two or three seconds faster than GP2 car.”

He added that involvement in the Honda project is a huge motivation and a fantastic project that I am in right now with McLaren-Honda.


With American F1 team joining the grid next year can the sport finally crack the US?

Making it in America

Gene Haas is hoping when his new F1 team joins the Formula One grid next season it can make front page news in the US. The team which is based in Kannapolis, North Carolina and Banbury in the UK is hoping to be the first US team in the modern era.

Hass is the first US team since the failed bid by the USF1 team which tried and was granted a place in 2010.  He hopes that the teams supports will be similar to what the US woman’s Football team during the World Cup in June.

He told the FIA Sport Conference “An example is the women’s soccer team in the US, I didn’t even know who that was until they won this soccer event and that was front-page news.”

Adding he is “hoping that we can have the same effect in the United States for Formula One because all of a sudden there is an American Formula One team and it will be the home team and people are going to cheer for us.”

He added he thinks completing with the Germans, British and Italians  will create much more international interest than what we do as a team.


If someone offers

Worthless pay rise – Ricciardo

Daniel Ricciardo has told Autosport that the pay rise he had this season has meant nothing without the results to justify it.

Ricciardo was promoted to Red Bull from Toro Rosso following the departure of Mark Webber in 2013. Last season he managed to beat his team-mate Sebastian Vettel taking three victories. But the team after their recovery last year appears to have gone backward.

He said “It’s highlighted to me this year how much I love winning, and how much I love the success of the sport. It hurts when you can’t fight for the wins, so I’m actually really glad to see that.”

He said going from the highs to the lows this year will serve him well in his career and it definitely toughened me up a little bit. I think it will make me appreciate even more when I do get a chance at winning again.


Would free engine development create better racing? Franz Tost belives it will

Free engine development – Tost

Toro Rosso boss Franz Tost says F1 should allow free engine development because it would  give greater parity and create better racing. It would mean the current token system would be abolished.

He feels the system is too restrictive for Renault, Ferrari and Honda. When asked by Autosport what changes are needed he said “People want to see fights, overtaking, to see different teams fighting for the championship.”

He said “It can only be achieved if you have parity of the power units.” Tost believes that the token system is not been successful in helping achieve the ultimate aim of reducing engine development costs.

Adding “The reason why we came up with the tokens is to save costs, but in the end it’s more expensive.”

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