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Haas which will join F1 next year has been labelled Ferrari’s b-team but is it a problem for the teams owner?

Labelling us Ferrari B Team no problem

Gene Haas has no problem with his team being labelled a ‘Ferrari B-team” and predicts it will have a better chassis than the Prancing Horse in 2016. The team will join the grid next season.

The label ‘B-Team’ came after Haas brought as many parts from the Italian team and is working with Ferrari on the design of its 2016 car it is also in partnership with Italian chassis manufacturer Dallara.

They will use Ferrari’s engine,  transmission, suspension but he is confident that there car will be “substantially different” to Ferrari.

He told Sky Sports “there’s still a lot left that we have to do. We’re doing our own CFD computer analysis on our own, we’re also working with Dallara on a lot of the analysis of the body structure, but we’re building those parts ourselves.”

He adds Haas are taking a different design approach than Ferrari is and we think it’s probably a better.

He says there is no negativity in being labeled a ‘Ferrari B Team’ saying “we’re going to have some of the best equipment out there to compete with these teams. I don’t think we could beat them at that.”


Could new technology keep a closer eye on tyre pressures and will it be introduced?

Live tyre monitoring says they have learned that the sports governing body the FIA, is planning to introduce live monitoring of tyre pressures.

There has been issues with tyre pressure limits this season following a series of tyre failures at the Belgian Grand Prix. Tyre manufacturer Pirelli has called for the enforcement of the limits. Currently they can only be measured manually shortly before they are fitted to the car.

This has prompted fears that teams could be finding ways of reducing the level between the checks and when the car gets out on track for better performance. Meaning they could be altered on track and through races.

If the system was introduced and teams were found to be below the levels they would have to come in on the next lap. It will be be trialled later on this season prior to a full introduction in 2016.

Pirelli motorsport director Paul Hembery has welcomed the idea saying “We think that it is a tremendous initiative and it is something we would like to find a solution for across many categories of motorsport.”


Is Lewis Hamilton the new Ayrton Senna? He has boyhood equalled and in some cases surpassed Senna

Greatest of his generation – Coulthard

Former F1 driver and reporter David Coulthard says that Lewis Hamilton as the Ayrton Senna of modern day Formula One. Hamilton won his  third world championship and second in succession with victory in Sunday’s United States Grand Prix.

Hamilton is now equal with Senna the person he idolised growing up and has over taken him in terms of race victories. The Scotsman labelled Hamilton as “the driver of his generation”.

Comparing Hamilton to Senna in his column in The Telegraph, Coulthard wrote: “To my mind there are plenty of similarities. You know when it comes to a qualifying lap, or they are behind someone on the track, then something special is about to happen.”

He says unlike Senna Hamilton has no one to fear and he “has all the bases covered. Both Sebastian Vettel and Fernando Alonso are exceptional drivers, but Lewis is comfortable in the knowledge that he can beat them both.”


Walter Wolff has waded into the debates over the future of the sport but what does he think?

Future depends on small teams

The former F1 team owner Walter Wolf says the sports future depends on the independent teams. Independent teams are smaller and provide a key platform for younger drivers.

Speaking to it was clear that there would be no wat the millionaire would join the sport. He said “Today, Mercedes is too big, as well as Ferrari, owned by Fiat. Both teams also have excellent managers.”

The thing which attracted him to the sport was being able to get the same engines as the works teams. He says “Today, independent teams cannot get a competitive engine.”

He gave the example of Williams who use Mercedes engines “These engines are not the same as the Mercedes works team has. You can buy an engine, but you will not get the same [as the works team].”

Adding “For obvious reasons, if I built an engine, I would not give you the same one that I have.” He says Red Bull doesn’t want a Ferrari engine because they know they won’t get the same as the works team.

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