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With Ferrari just behind and with Mercedes beginning to feel the heat what does Lewis Hamilton have to say about what they need to do to stay ahead?

Under pressure more this season

Lewis Hamilton says that Mercedes need eradicate the mistakes as the teams under more pressure than at any other time in Formula 1’s V6 hybrid era so far.

In Monaco Hamilton suffered a fuel   temperature issue at the start of Q3 hampered his qualifying effort. While during the race Nico Rosberg failed to get temperature into his brakes and tyres in the early wet conditions in the race.

Despite the errors the team have won five out of six races and has a comfortable gap but less than they had in 2015. Meaning Ferrari are only 67 points behind with Red Bull only nine points futher. Hamilton told Autosport “”I’m conscious of moving forward. But there are still issues, there were still mistakes being made, so we really need to pull together as a team.

“right now we have more pressure than we’ve ever had on us because of the other teams applying that pressure. You’re starting to see small buckles here and there, so what’s important is we do pull together, because we are the greatest team, we just need to refine a few areas.”

Hamilton denied that Monaco is the turning point in his season saying “We have a long way to go, and these past five races have just shown that anything is possible, and more so than not in a negative way for me.” He says the win will hopefully be a boost for his side of the garage.


One off Mercedes problems came with their ‘self-destruction’ coined by the media after Barcelona. Before last week’s race in Monaco they both talked about their feelings to the BBC

The fallout from Spain

Lewis Hamilton has been speaking today about the fall out after crashing with Nico Rosberg at the Spanish Grand Prix. The world champion told the BBC that there ie incident was in the past.

“It’s fine.In the past, there would have been tension but there was just pure respect. I said, ‘I still have all the respect for you,’ and he said the same. It doesn’t change anything about how we approach racing.” Said Hamilton.

In the past there has been tension between the two after difficult on track disagreements ant accidents. Hamilton explained the thinks are different because the discuss things both at the track and away from the track saying “We didn’t talk through the incident. We don’t need to. We know what happened. We experienced it. We know how we felt about it before.

“We are not like the more emotional beings on the planet who talk about things”

However Rosberg refuses to discuss the  incident and its aftermath. He said “If we have spoken or not, that needs to be kept internal. But it is a thing of the past now.”


Haas and Ferrari have very close ties but could it also be bad for the teams too?

Haas Ferrari tie up a double edge sword

The chief designer for Haas Rob Taylor says that the teams partnership with Ferrari can be a “double-edged sword”. The US team has a engine and has brought as many parts as the regulations allow.

While that has saved costs and man hours for the American team it means Haas has limited time to understand the parts and integrate them into its own plans for the VF-16. Talyor told ESPN that this creates a headache in design for the team.

“We absorb a lot of information from Ferrari but they only give it to us when they know it so all the parts we purchase, we don’t really have a good visibility of them ahead of time.”

“Normally you’ve got some idea of the concept you’re going to be employing before you ever get to the full-blown design.” Taylor said on the other hand you don’t see some parts until there quite well thought out.

“Our biggest anxiety isn’t to do with ‘Will it fit when it’s finished and installed?’ It’s ‘Can you get it in there? Can you get your pinkies in?’ The little bit of the front rocker for instance is a bit of a tortuous route.” He added.


Weeks until Britain votes on its place in the EU what do two of the biggest names think about the vote?

EU Referendum – Mercedes and McLaren take neutral position

With Just under a month to go Mercedes and McLaren have confirmed they are taking a position of neutrality ahead of the United Kingdom referendum vote on EU membership.

Mercedes director Paddy Lowe told Sky Sports “One of our directors looked at the issue because some of our staff members asked which way they should vote.”

“He concluded it didn’t really make a lot of difference, either to the company or to Formula 1 in general in terms of how we run the business. So we’ve left it to our employees to vote how they wish personally.”

McLaren Racing Director Eric Bouilier said “We don’t believe there will be a significant impact on the Formula 1 business.”

“The team and the industry is mainly based in the UK but we have managed always to use some suppliers abroad and I don’t think it’s going to change much.”


Head protection has been high on the agenda and has caused divides but a decision has been made on the halo but the canopy may have another chance

Halo to be introduced in 2017

Over the weekend Formula One announce they will be introducing the halo head protection from next season. Technical chiefs decided the device, which forms a protective structure in front of and above a driver’s head, is the more ready of the two options.

However Red Bull will continue their development of their aeroscreen which could be introduced in 2018. The Halo will be tested again in June before a a planned final agreement in July. This is said to be a more elegant solution than the design tested in Spain in February.

The delay with the  screen is due to an unexpectedly poor performance in its most recent test. It has also not yet been tested in a form that provides enough free head space for the driver.

The halo will need to be formally agreed by the strategy group, Berine Ecclestone and the FIA. The FIA does have the option of forcing it through on safety grounds, but this is not expected to be necessary as all parties are in agreement that a device will be adopted.

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