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Could more races be on the way for the sport and where is the sport going too after the FIA gave the go ahead for up to twenty five races.

25 races gets green light

Formula One has been given the go ahead from the FIA to raise the maximum number of races to twenty five if the teams agree to the proposal.

For many years Bernie Ecclestone has wanted to take the sport to new places and boost its fan base. This season was scheduled to have the current top figure of twenty until the cancellation of this year’s German Grand Prix. But as we reported yesterday the 2016 calendar is provisionally scheduled to have twenty one.

There are reports that races could take place in Qatar, Los Vegas and South Africa. While next year the calendar will add races in Azerbaijan and New Jersey.


My dad will never retire says Claire Williams but when will she know to retire him?

Dads never retiring – Williams

The daughter of Sir Frank Williams Claire says her father will never retire “until we find him, one day, face down on the desk.”

She said yesterday while announcing the teams made a loss of £42.5 million. She said “Frank is in there 24/7. He’s in the office more than any of us. He loves it, he’s passionate about it.”

She added that he has no plans to retire and it wouldn’t be the same without him.


Is F1 losing it’s appeal Mark Webber believes it is but why?

F1 losing appeal – Webber

Mark Webber says he believes rapidly degrading tyres and overtaking aids like DRS detract from the appeal of Formula One rather than add to it.

Tyre supplier Pirelli since joining the sport in 2011 have been tasked with creating tyres which degrade quicker allowing for drivers on fresher tyres to attack those on older tyres.

Along with the introduction of the drag reduction system (DRS) the new Pirelli era of Formula One resulted in more overtaking. However he says it has made over taking too easy for drivers.

He told ESPN “I’m talking on behalf of the drivers at the front of the grid because they can’t say what they really feel. But I’m talking to them now. I’d love someone to do a stat on race pace with the 2015 race compared to the mid-2000s – probably Montoya would have lapped Seb in Malaysia three and a half times”


Lewis Hamilton says he is bringing to feel like Vettel. But why does he feel like his defence is going unchallenged?

Hamilton feeling like Vettel?

Lewis Hamilton has issued a warning to his rivals saying he feels like Sebastian Vettel felt when he took his first title in 2010. The double world champion has won three of the four races so far this season.

“I want the third title,” he told Wednesday’s Sport Bild, “like (Ayrton) Senna.” Hamilton has a 27 point lead in the drivers’ championship over team-mate Nico Rosberg and Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel is a further point behind.

In 2010 Vettel went wheel to wheel with his Red Bull team-mate Mark Webber before Webber began to slip away from Vettel in following years. Hamilton added “I was thinking more likely it’s going to go the other way. but I have almost surprised myself — how I have been driving, how I have been adapting to things.”


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