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Shock continued through the week last week, after the death of Jules Bianchi. Family, Friends and colleague gathered in Nice to remember Jules.  

Remembering Jules

The F1 paddock gathered earlier this week in Nice to remember Jules Bianchi who died last weekend after a crash last October. Many champions including current champion Lewis Hamilton, Alain Prost, Jenson Button and Sebastian Vettel attended the service.

Bianchi suffered critical head injuries when he skidded off the track and hit a recovery tractor in last October’s Japanese Grand Prix. Hundreds of fans gathered outside the cathedral where large portraits of Bianchi were displayed above floral tributes, and applauded the late driver as the coffin was carried in by his peers.

According to French media parish priest Sylvain Brison told the congregation that, while Bianchi’s death was “profoundly unjust”, the driver had been “happy because he had made his dream come true.

Meanwhile, FIA president Jean Todt has announced that Bianchi’s chosen number 17 would be retired from the sport


You can read more of messages here. Why are there conflicting surveys naming Hamilton and Raikkonen as the most popular?

Hamilton most popular

A survey by Autosport says world champion Lewis Hamilton has edged out Kimi Raikkonen as Formula One’s most popular driver. The result contradicts a similar survey by the GPDA and found Ferrari’s Raikkonen to be number one ahead of McLaren’s Fernando Alonso and Jenson Button.

However found Ferrari to be the most popular team. The survey carried out by the magazine had a smaller sample size of 35,000 compared to 217,756 who contributed to the GPDA-supported one.

91% were against any return of double points for the final race of the season but 61% wanted to bring back refuelling. Most responses did not approve of new venues and 91.2% wanted to ensure historic races such as Monaco, Italy, Britain, Belgium and Germany were protected.


Baku is preparing to hold the conutries first grand prix next year. The circuit is already ready a year ready

Baku ready

Organisers in Baku say the circuit is ready to be signed off almost a year before the Azerbaijani capital holds its first race. The boss of the project says the circuit is ready for homologation and has no doubts there will be no issues to have it ready in time.

Arif Rahimov told “The track layout has been finalised. There are just small details like safety equipment at some corners that took a bit longer to finalise, but we are waiting for the homologation to be done.”

He said they met with Charlie Whiting to discuss it and hear what he has to say. There are no major issues.

The circuit can host 19,000 seated spectators but organisers are considering was to increase capacity. Rahimov adds they “are trying to organise the best possible race to make sure that people come back the following years.”


Could Jenson Button be in line to join Top Gear and retire from Formula One?

Button’s Top Gear

British newspapers are reporting that Jenson Button could be about to retire from Formula One and join the BBC’s Top Gear. The program is going to be relaunched next year following the sacking of Jeremy Clarkson.

Button has appeared on the program twice before to driver the reasonably price car. A source told the Daily Mail: “An announcement is imminent.” Button admits if he was to retire he would be “pretty happy” with his achievements if he retired from F1 now.

He said “I would be pretty happy if I retired now with my career in terms of achievements. I would love to win the British Grand Prix, I would love to even be on the podium.”


Who does Christian Horner say Berine Ecclestone is the best man to solve the current problems?

Best man to guide through problems

Red Bull team principal Christian Horner has told AFP that F1 needs Berine Ecclestone more than ever to get through the sports current difficulties. In the interview Horner gave Ecclestone praise.

He said “Bernie has done a great job for Formula One and the success of Formula One is all because of Bernie Ecclestone. F1 needs him more than ever now to guide us through this difficult period.”

Horner also moaned about the possibility of a 21 race season next year saying he hopes that the calendar will be cut down because “It looks tough for everybody.”

Horner said Red Bull’s improved performance wasn’t due to the presence of Red Bull’s technical director Adrian Newey, who appears more rarely at races.


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