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Round four of the 2017 season sees Formula One head to the Black Sea resort of Sochi. Built in the early part of the decade the Sochi Autodromo was built around the venues of the coastal cluster used for the 2014 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games. The mountains and the coast prove a brilliant backdrop to the fourth round of the season.

This all creates a 3.6-mile circuit around the ice hockey, speed skating, curling, figure skating venues, and Fisht Olympic Stadium. Designed by the German architect Hermann Tilke, this circuit was designed to fit around the venues giving it the feel of a street circuit. However, this does not mean that overtaking is impossible as they are long sweeping corners and straights.

Mercedes have always gone well, in the 1910’s they took wins in St Petersburg but with their dominance of Formula One in the last three years have meant they have five wins in Russia, while Lewis Hamilton is the only driver to win twice.

Facts and figures

Race VTB Russian Grand Prix
Venue Sochi Autodromo, Sochi, Krasnodar Krai, Russia
Circuit Length 5.848KM (3.634 MI)
Laps 53
Race Distance 309.732KM (192.459 MI
Lap Record 01:40.896 (Finland Valtteri Bottas, Williams, 2014, F1)
Most wins drivers Lewis Hamilton (2)
Most wins manufacture Mercedes (5)*

*1913/14 completed under the Benz name

Event timetable

  Local BST
P1 11:00-12:30 09:00-10:30
P2 15:00-16:30 13:00-14:30
P3 12:00-13:00 10:00-11:00
Qualifying  15:00-16:00 13:00-14:00
Race 15:00 13:00

What happened in 2016?

Nico Rosberg role of race victories continued with him taking a fourth win of the season, after his teammate Lewis Hamilton fought from tenth to second. Rosberg’s victory allowed him to extend his lead to the maximum 100 points, giving him a 43 point lead over Hamilton.

Daniil Kyvat’s home race ended with him being hit by Sebastian Vettel and sent him into a spin sending him on a one way ticket to the barriers and into retirement and brought the safety car out. It would turn out to be the last race for Kyvat who was demoted to Toro Rosso for the rest of the season.

Full Race Report Full Result Google Collection

2015 vs 2014 Race Data

  P1 Fastest P2 Fastest P3 Fastest Q1 Fastest Q2 Fastest Q3 Fastest Race Time Fastest Lap
2016 01:38.127 01:37.583 01:36.403 01:36.006 01:35.337 01:35.417 01:32:41.997 01:39.094
Diff -06.228 -01:02.875 -02.158 -2.337 -2.163 -0.304 -05:30.973 +1.981
2015 01:44.355 02:00.458 01:38.561 01:38.343 01:37.500 01:37.113 01:37:11.024 01:37.113

Data Profile

A lap of Sochi Autodrom

Nico Rosberg made a good start getting right to the apex before pulling away on exit towards the other side for the straight down to turn two. Perfect entry taking bit of kerb which sets him up well to do the same at turn three setting him up well again for the short run to turn four. Takes bit more kerb on middle of the turn before angling towards six which he takes perfectly taking the same at seven.

The same at eight, nine and ten. One wheel over the line on run to elven and on exit takes kerb which sets him up to go well through the centre at twelve. Takes kerb both at turn thirteen and fourteen setting him up well for fifteen which goes well into sixteen. When he exits he runs well down to seventeen takes kerb at the corner and at eighteen. Crossing the line with a 1:35.417


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