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Round three of the 2017 season sees Formula One head to the gulf kingdom of Bahrain. The circuit thirty-five kilometres outside the capital has been on the calendar since 2004. The Bahrain International Circuit features a mix of high-speed long straights and fast corners these factors provide some brilliant overtaking opportunities.

Bahrain fought off other countries in the region to hold the race and was built in eighteen months using over 12,000 tonnes of stone were used in the build, a third of it Welsh granite, chosen for the track surface due to its excellent adhesive qualities. This layout of the circuit has been used for all bar one race in 2010, when it used the longer endurance layout.

Mercedes have been strong at this race in the race in recent years, with Lewis Hamilton having two wins her car should be strong if they have a good weekend in China. There will be another close fight between Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel.

Facts and figures

Race 2017 Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix
Venue Bahrain International Circuit, Sakhir
Circuit Length 5.412km (3.634 mi)
Laps 57
Race Distance 308.405km (191.634mi)
Lap Record 1:30.252 (Michael Schumacher, Ferrari, 2004)
Most wins drivers Fernando Alonso (3)
Most wins manufacture Ferrari (4)

Event timetable

  Local BST
P1 14:00-15:30 12:00-13:30
P2 18:00-19:30 16:00-17:30
P3 15:00-16:00 13:00-14:00
Qualifying  18:00-19:00 16:00-17:00
Race 18:00 16:00

What happened in 2016?

Nico Rosberg run of victories continued as he led from the start after team-mate Lewis Hamilton made a bad start and made contact with Williams of Valtteri Bottas at the start of the race. The Fin was given a penalty for the collision. Raikkonen also made a bad start but he proved that the team can put on the pressure to Mercedes.

Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel and Renault’s of Jolyon Palmer both did not start after technical problems on the formation lap. Vettel retired after suffering an engine failure half-way round the formation lap. While Stoffel Vandoorne’s debut weekend finished with him scoring McLaren first points of the season.

Full Race Report Full Result

2015 vs 2014 Race Data

  P1 Fastest P2 Fastest P3 Fastest Q1 Fastest Q2 Fastest Q3 Fastest Race Time Fastest Lap
2016 01:32.294 01:31.001 01:31.683 01:31.391 01:30.039 01:29.493 01:33:34.696 01:32.294
Diff -5.000 -3.646 -2.876 -2.537 -2.630 -3.078 -02:31.293 -5.533
2015 01:37.827 01:34.647 01:34.599 01:33.928 01:32.669 01:32.571 01:35:05.809 01:37.827

Data Profile

A lap of …

Kimi Raikkonen runs along the outside as he opens the lap on the long run to turn one he breaks around the 150 metre board. Before turning just after the 50 metre board getting down to 68kph hitting the line then opens up the car and goes to two at 186kph hitting the inside kerb continues building speed through three. He then opens up the car getting to 300kph before breaking.

He turns in at the fifty metre board taking the corner at 122kpm before running out to the outside. Stays on the outside for six which he hits the outside then stays on the outside runs straight through the corner takes the kerb. Re-crosses the track before going to the inside hits the kerb and then breaks through nine followed ten were he hits the apex runs back to the inside.

He runs along the back straight running along the wall, before breaking down to around 135kph when he turns in. He then runs to the inside along the white line. Goes through the kink And then goes to the kerb at twelve runs into coming into thirteen he brakes turns in.

He then opens the car up and runs along the outside getting up to 300kph before breaking at 100m board. Hits corner at 122kph before running to the outside and stays on the outside execrating all the way until he crosses the line


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