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The final round of the season sees Formula One return to the Middle East and  Emirate of Abu Dhabi, for the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. First held in 2009, the race has become literary the sunset of the Formula One season, with the race taking place at dusk. The Yas Marina Circuit was built as part of a multibillion-pound man made leisure island which is still under construction.

The circuit is built around the marina giving the final sector of the lap a street style feel, going under an  hotel and around the paddock. But sector one of the circuit is a high speed fast flowing sector, featuring a long fast flowing two, three and four before a huge breaking point for the chicane and the hairpin at seven.

The circuit then features the longest straight on the calendar before a huge breaking point for the chicane at eight and nine. This gives the drivers a chance to close up going into the second sector which features another long straight before cars bunch up heading back into a street style sector as the cars head through the harbour and under the hotel.

Abu Dhabi has given some exciting results as it’s a race where drivers fight for honour as they battle for the final time this year. Abu Dhabi has been the season finale since 2014, which was a race where Lewis Hamilton beat Nico Rosberg to win his second title. Sebastian Vettel was the victor in a thrilling four-way title fight between Mark Webber, Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton.

Vettel’s fourth world championship was also won here in 2013 with a dominating victory over Webber. Hamilton followed that up with a second title the following year and last years race saw Rosberg beat Hamilton to seal the title

Facts and figures

Race الاتحاد للطيران سباق جائزة أبوظبي الكبرى 2017

(2017 Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand Prix)

Venue Yas Marina Circuit, Yas Island, Abu Dhabi
Circuit Length 5.554 km (3.451 mi)
Laps 55
Race Distance 305.470 km (189.810 mi)
Lap Record 1:40.279 (Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull Racing, 2009)
Most wins drivers Sebastian Vettel (3)
Most wins manufacture Red Bull (3)

Event timetable

  Local GMT
P1 13:00-14:30 09:00-10:30
P2 17:00-18:30 13:00-14:30
P3 14:00-15:30 10:00-11:00


17:00-18:00 13:00-14:00
Race 17:00 13:00

What happened in 2016?

Lewis Hamilton took victory while trying to back his team-mate Nico Rosberg up into the Ferrari’s and Red Bull’s to push him down behind Max Verstappen and Sebastian Vettel to secure the title. The dual between the two was good as Vettel proved to be a threat to Verstappen in the middle stint.

While Jenson Buttons ‘final’ race ended in retirement. Button was forced to retire after he hit a kerb at Turn 10 hard, causing damage to the steering and forcing him out. While both Toro Rosso’s retired after a very difficult weekend for the team.

Full Race Report Full Result Google Collection

2015 vs 2016 Race Data

  P1 Fastest P2 Fastest P3 Fastest Q1 Fastest Q2 Fastest Q3 Fastest Race Time Fastest Lap
2016 01:42.869 01:40.861 01:40.775 01:39.487 01:39.382 01:38.755 01:38.04.013 01:43.729
Diff -0.884 -1.122 -1.081 -1.487 -1.376 -1.482 -4.262 -0.788
2015 01:43.753 01:41.983 01:41.856 01:40.974 01:40.758 01:40.237 01:38:30.175 01:44.517

A lap of Yas Marina

Hamilton comes to the line heads to the inside takes a bit of kerb before running across to the outside on exit. Head back to the inside for turn two where he opens it up through three and four then breaks at the 100m for the chicane. Nicely into five continues to break for 90 kph turn six says at low speed before the hairpin. He then put his foot down on exit heads to the outside along the strait.

Before breaking between the 150 and 100-metre boards for turn eight going down to 7kpm. As he runs out of nine goes to the inside gets a good exit then builds speed along through the straight before breaking to 99kpm into turn eleven. Good through twelve and thirteen build speed before breaking for fourteen.

Runs to the outside as he builds speed around the harbour, through fifteen rolls nicely to sixteen, seventeen and eighteen. Rolls to the wall, before crossing the track. He then build speed as he rounds back and great exit from twenty one runs along the kerb and crosses line 01:38.755



Ultrasoft Supersoft Soft
Hamilton 9 2



9 3 1


10 2 1


9 3



10 2 1
Raikkonen 10 2



10 2 1
Ocon 9 2



10 2 1
Stroll 10 1



10 2 1
Vandoorne 10 2



9 3 1
Gasly 9




9 2 2


9 2



8 4



8 4 1
Wehrlein 9 2


Ericsson 10 2



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