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1st Lewis Hamilton, 2nd Nico Rosberg

Hamilton had a good race and managed to do what he needed to in order to stay ahead on track. He opened the gap and mange to use the strategy to best affect to take the advantage to take victory. Rosberg managed to stay with him but he appears to have lost the psychological battle already and looks to be a bit like Mark Webber was after Vettel won his titles.


3rd Sebastian Vettel, 4th Kimi Raikkonen

A strong fight again to Mercedes like in Sepang but they just weren’t close enough to make the move for the lead. But they will be back to fight for the lead however they need to find that pace in the cooler conditions if they want to mount a serious challenge for the title again. They will need to stay close so that when Mercedes have problems they can attack.


5th Felipe Massa, 6th Valtteri Bottas

Williams has showed they can stay ahead and keep the pace to retain third place in the championship. They will need to continue to build towards a long term improvement in order to challenge. Williams know what it takes to win races and titles but it will take a while to mount a serious challenge for championships.


8th Felipe Nasr, 10th Marcus Ericsson

Both drivers once again had a good day and are looking to be improving. They do have some great talent in the team however like Williams it may take a few seasons to have a serious fight for titles.


Toro Rosso
17th Max Verstappen, 14th Carlos Sainz

Max Verstappen’s in experience began to show a little bit out on track after he made a few errors on but he still managed some good overtakes. His lock up and a rear axle failure during the last few laps was unlucky for him.


7th Romain Grosjean, RETIRED Pastor Maldonado

Much improved day with Grosjean gaining the team’s first points of the season. They are also making some progress on track and Grosjean’s managed to prove that they do have the pace. Grosjean is the man to lead the team toward success.


12th Fernando Alonso, 13th Jenson Button

Button collision on lap 49 was just a bit unlucky he was trying to overtake Maldonado into turn one. He appeared to lock up before going off the track and looked to struggle a bit. They will be looking to make steady progress back to the top.


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