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Nico Rosberg took pole in a dominate qualifying for the Singapore Grand Prix.

Pole Lap

Comes into Sheares for the quick turn goes to inside the across the track straight for turn two goes onto the kerb then starts breaking for three. Good then starts accelerating out of the corner thro ugh the kink at four then along nicely into five. Then along the straight through turn six then breaks taking kerb on entry and through Memorial Corner.

Then the short straight to Stamford at 99kph gets close to the outside then runs close to the wall one exit. Does same thing at Padang. Onto the run to Singapore Sling good through the now ninety corner where the first chicane was. Nice through eleven and twelve. Goes over the bridge before turning slightly.

Begins breaking for turn thirteen along the harbour goes to the outside starts accelerating, before breaking for the ninety degree Connaught.  Then heads to the kink at fifteen then sixteenth 90KPH slow corner before seventeen.  Along the harbour again, before breaking for Bay. Good under the Grandstand and exits ok.

Good through twenty and twenty one before building speed then slightly breaking for twenty two then onto the gas through twenty three setting 01:42.584. his lap was the fastest ever set around Singapore streets.

Vettel Problems

Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel failed to set a real fast lap in Q1 because he had a issue with the anti-roll bar. Its been a frustrating season for Vettel and if they cant get on top of these silly issues it’s hard to see the great team being in the fight in 2017.

He told Sky Sports “We couldn’t save the car for the second qualifying and have a look, unfortunately we ran out of time. obviously I was a bit annoyed because first we decided to go for another lap but it wasn’t really any quicker. Then we decided to pit to try and fix it but there was no time to do it.”

Red Bull

Red Bull are the best of the rest after getting a front row start for the race. They will be hoping that they can capitalise here because this circuit suits their car and they will start the race on the supersofts which means they can go a bit longer than Mercedes on the first sint.

But they have less ultra-tyres than Mercedes which is good when you look at the recommended number of laps from Pirelli. They could go Supersoft – Supersoft –ultrasoft for race stragtey. Whereas Mercedes would go Ultrasoft – Soft – Supersoft.

Grosjean crash

Romain Grosjean crashed his Haas into the wall late in Q2 after he lost grip going in locking up sliding into the barrier. At the same time Jenson Button locked up brushing the wall. This had impact on Williams who failed to get a car into Q3 which they should have been able to.

Heres what Valtteri Bottas said “We managed to make little improvements from practice to qualifying but this weekend seems to be a little bit tricky for us. I felt like I had another very good lap in Q2 but because of the yellow flag I had to slow down a little bit, that’s why Perez is ahead of us, but he’s under investigation so we’ll see what happens.”

Felipe Massa  said “It wasn’t a great qualifying in the end. I was improving on my final lap, but I couldn’t finish it because I had to slow down for the yellow flags. Maybe some other cars didn’t slow down. Looking ahead, the race is tomorrow and we need to be ready for anything in Singapore.”

Race preview

Tomorrow evenings race is I would think that Mercedes just have the edge if they can stay ahead of Red Bull. But it’s not going to be as easy as normal after last years race when they struggled to stay with Ferrari and Red Bull.

You need to bear in mind the factor of a safety car too because this is a street circuit and the fact nearly all the races here have been around the two hour mark. The heat will affect drivers concentration too as its not normal to be racing at 8pm.

We will be in for a interesting evening!



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