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Lewis Hamilton beat his Mercedes team mate Nico Rosberg to take pole position for tomorrow’s Spanish Grand Prix. The world champion was just over a quarter of a second faster than Rosberg to take his second pole of the season.

Pole lap – HAMILTON

Lewis Hamilton launches himself right across turn 16 going to the outside of the track to start the lap. Runs perfectly into the breaking zone before taking a bit of kerb into turn one hits lower part of the kerb in the corner before angling across on the sort run to T2.

Takes bit more kerb mid corner before pulling away for the run to turn three. Takes kerb on the run to T3 before pulling across the track going to the outside before turning in to the long T3 runs close to the inside before launching across going through four taking kerb on the exit.

Once again runs to the outside of five before the flat out run through T6 before setting himself up for t7 & T8. Kerb on entry to seven and stays close to the outside before darting across for eight. Runs to the outside before darting again across for nine taking kerb on the exit before the long run to ten.

Heads to the inside on the run to ten turns in close to the corner before taking kerb on the short run to eleven. Takes kerb before crossing quickly for the long turn twelve pulls across before hitting kerb on exit, hits kerb on entry to thirteen before quickly crossing the track to enter fourteen. Kerb through both fourteen and fifteen. Before heading to the outside for sixteen going inside before quick pulling across the track to set him up for the line and a 01:22.000.

Strong Red Bull

Red Bull have certainly used the Renault engine to best affect here and showed what they are able to manage on a good day by managing to out qualify both Ferrari’s. This circuit is a fast and high speed circuit so with there upgrades and in Montreal when they get the Renault upgrade could be a strong challenger to Ferrari.

Verstappen was impressive to be fourth. He said “the target today was to enjoy myself and I had a good feeling in the car. I focused on what I had to do and it worked. I’m happy, I didn’t expect to adapt to the car so quickly. I didn’t expect to be on the second row, so it’s a positive feeling.”

Ferrari questions

Ferrari should be challenging Mercedes but they just don’t seem able to mount the challenge. They do have the speed but if they don’t get on top of this soon they will not be in the champion fight and the need to be as the only really viable challenger.

Kimi Raikkonen said “”It was not an easy day: we did our best, but the result is a bit disappointing. We seemed to struggle quite a lot in the last sector and I’m not surprised we were losing a lot of time there.”


Disappointing session for both Valtteri Bottas and Felipe Massa poor timing Massa suggested but they will need to learn why they have started making basic errors as a very experienced team.

Massa failed to get out of Q1 but he explained to Sky Sports “I had traffic on my first lap and then we didn’t have enough time to go out again.” The Brazilian says Williams didn’t give him enough time to do a second run. Normally the Pirelli tyres need two laps to reach their best temperature.


Race Preview

Lewis Hamilton will hope that he can pull away from Nico Rosberg and stay ahead of his team-mate to take much needed points. Mercedes will need Red Bull to help them to hold off Ferrari which should be easier as Barcelona is difficult to overtake. But don’t write them off completely one mistake there be there.



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