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P1- 1st Lewis Hamilton, 2nd Nico Rosberg           P2- 1st Lewis Hamilton, 4th Nico Rosberg

Mercedes look to be strong going into this weekend’s race they will however need to work hard to stay ahead this weekend. Hamilton knows what it takes to win here but it hasn’t always gone his way. Both Hamilton and Rosberg look to be on form for this weekend. Daniil Kvyat managed to break the pair in FP2 but they may not be able to challenge through the weekend.


P1- 6th Sebastian Vettel, 3rd Kimi Raikkonen         P2- 7th Sebastian Vettel, 5th Kimi Raikkonen

Raikkonen has listened to the warning from the team and speculation over his future to prove why he is a good driver. He will need to be constant through the rest of the season to retain his seat next year. However his front wing lost was just unlucky. Vettel had a messy day two spins in FP2. But expect them to recover this weekend.


Red Bull
P1- 4th Daniel Ricciardo, 5th Danill Kvyat                   P2- 3rd Daniel Ricciardo, 2nd Danill Kvyat

Red Bull look to be on form this weekend after running in the top ten in both sessions. The team I believe may be trying to fight back for third place in the constructor’s championship. However, you need to challenge constantly to make a championship challenge. But they want to figure out why they aren’t constantly challenging.


Force India
P1- 7th Sergio Perez, 13th Nico Hulkenberg             P2- DNS Sergio Perez, DNS Nico Hulkenberg

The team withdrew from FP2 following that crash in FP1 where Sergio Perez crash in first practice. The crash came at a difficult time for the sport following the death last week of Jules Bianchi. But, is a reminder that F1 has got safer.

The crash happened at turn five after he spun because his right-rear suspension broke as he ran wide. His car flipped and rolled over digging the rear tyre into the ground he managed to walk away.


P1- 20th Jolyon Palmer, 17th Pastor Maldonado P2- 15th Romain Grosjean, 13th Pastor Maldonado

Poor day for all three drivers well off the mark. However they maybe masking there true performance or there struggling with the development with the car.


Others results

P1-  14th Felipe Massa, 9th Valtteri Bottas               P2- 10th Felipe Massa, 9th Valtteri Bottas

P1- 15th Felipe Nasr, 16th Marcus Ericsson              P2- 14th Felipe Nasr, 16th Marcus Ericsson

Toro Rosso
P1- 10th Max Verstappen, 7th Carlos Sainz              P2- 11th Max Verstappen, 6th Carlos Sainz

P1- 11th Fernando Alonso, 12th Jenson Button     P2- 8th Fernando Alonso, 12th Jenson Button

P1- 18th Will Stevens, 19th Fabio Leimar                   P2- 18th Will Stevens, 19th Roberto Merhi



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