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Lewis Hamilton was on fire in Shanghai when he took his sixth career win at the Chinese Grand Prix.

Hamilton masterclass

We all know that Lewis Hamilton has always delivered great performances in wet or drying conditions and to have that in Shanghai would have been a bonus.

I am just thinking about the way Hamilton drives the car, he has an aggressive style and the wide open corners in Shanghai gives him the opportunity to really attack the corners. Plus the long back straight allows him to really open up and unleash the performance of the Mercedes.

Looking at some stats he is the only driver on the grid to have at least one win in every season from his debut season and second driver the most wins in Formula One. One day I hope we will see a great fight between Hamilton and Max Verstappen, in these conditions.

The start

Sebastian Vettel was well outside the normal box. But Lewis Hamilton made a great start and looking at the start Valtteri Bottas did ok before Vettel hooked it up and was ahead at turn one. Vettel got back ahead but Bottas had the momentum into One and Two meaning Bottas had the momentum on exit.


Sebastian Vettel’s former boss Christian Horner has questioned the way the German lined up on the grid. From watching the start he looked outside the lines, which you shouldn’t do.

It is thought he did that to avoid oil and wet patches on the run down to Turn 1. In the end, he made a relatively poor getaway but managed to hold Valtteri Bottas off on the entry to the first corner and retain second place.

Giovinazzi crash

AG crashed out after just three laps of the race bringing out the safety car. It’s been a sashing weekend for all the wrong reasons for the Italian and if Pascal

He comes out of turn sixteen to go along the kerb but goes onto the Astro turf, seems to correct the spin but sounds if he spun up the rear tyres sending him spinning into the wall. He takes the front wheel off and puts debris over the track.


It was a difficult race for the Finn following that brilliant Mercedes debut in Melbourne but today was just unlucky and he could have been in the mix with his team-mate. But, he made a mistake under the safety car.

He was trying to warm his tyres for the restart when the car spun onto the grass and then he struggled to get it pointing in the right direction before dropping to 12th place and out of contention for a podium.

“It was out of Turn 10. I got a call, I think in Turn 7, saying the Safety Car was coming in at the end of the lap, so it was the last chance, in those straights, to do a bit of weaving to get the temperature into the tyres.”

Then “out of Turn 10 I was going quite slow, trying to put heat into the tyres by going left and right, accelerating at the same time. I got into a bit of a slide, overcorrected it and spun into the grass. It was slow to get it out of the grass…”

Verstappen performs

Max Verstappen is once again a standout performance starting from sixteenth on the grid he managed to get third in the race. Verstappen has proved in both wet and dry conditions that he can overtake, more so in the wet. Many times Verstappen has our hearts in our mouths.

That pass on Ricciardo was amazing. he had the better exit out of three and that allowed him to build the speed to be on his team-mate gearbox at four. Then on exit he pulls alongside Ricciardo, gets ahead as they enter six and makes the move stick.

He said “That was not bad I think. I really enjoyed that first lap where I passed nine cars and from there onwards I think there were some good moves as well to overtake.

Perez and Ricciardo remanded

Sergio Perez and Daniel Ricciardo were both issued reprimands for not attending the national anthem ceremony giving them there the first reprimand of the season.

This is like a yellow card almost if you get three reprimands in a season you will receive a ten grid place penalty if at least two of the reprimands were imposed for a driving infringement.

Four days until Bahrain

Well, how will the battle unfold in Bahrain we know both Ferrari and Mercedes are looking strong. Looking back on Melbourne there is that view that Mercedes lost that race on their strategy but Ferrari did have the pace.

Eyes will be on both Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton as there title fight goes on. Maybe Red Bull could also be in the mix as well for that win. So expect a close fight between Mercedes and Ferrari, but it’s a question of who else will be in the mix!



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