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Lewis Hamilton converted pole position into the race win on home turf in wet conditions to take his fourth victory and third back to back at Silverstone. He closed the gap to his team-mate Nico Rosberg to four points in the championship.

Hammer time (WET IS BEST)

Lewis Hamilton has always performed brilliantly in wet / dry conditions he has once again proved he can drive in changeable conditions as he is good on tyres and making the right call at the right time. He said years ago – I believe – that his father didn’t buy wet tyres for him which has paid off because he can drive and switch onto inters and softs earlier than other drivers.

Hamilton was asked so how do you feel about making more F1 history?” I think I’m just going to have to sit on it and try to let it sink in because it’s just so strange.”

“It’s very, very surreal to think that I’m here and I just saw Nigel in the corridor there and he said “welcome to the club”. It’s just crazy to think that I’m up there with them.”

Rise of Verstappen

Max Verstappen has once again proved he is a brilliant young driver and like Hamilton is he is good in the wet. The Dutch driver is winning over the public not only in the Netherlands but around the world he has the natural racing instinct and I think he has a long career.

Sometimes you have to pinch yourself because he is eighteen going on thirty with his race craft. He overtakes were no one else will and gives us some great racing and he will be a great of the sport one day.

Rosberg Investigation

-IMA ALING LEFT- Nico Rosberg was placed under investigation for a series of radio communications between him and the team the FIA found that Mercedes broke the rules. The team argued that they were outside the rule saying “The driver must drive the car alone and unaided.”

But the FIA concluded that Mercedes had gone beyond the degree to which they are permitted to help a driver solve a technical problem and gave him a ten second penalty. It promoted Verstappen to second and narrows his lead to just four points.

Ferrari woes continue

Ferrari have had a disappointing weekend they were out paced on track once again by Red Bull. Going into this race you would have thought they would have been ahead of Red Bull who we thought would lack power on the high speed circuit.

This shows that the Tag Heuer badged Renault engine has made progress. While Ferrari have slipped back after appearing to be so strong in testing we thought they would be up there with Mercedes but they aren’t delivering and I think the title has gone.

Williams MIA

In recent years Williams have been strong at Silverstone but appeared to have struggled this weekend. They should have been ahead of Red Bull the fourth fastest team but they just struggled in the last two races where they had been good in the last two years.

Rob Smedley said “We just didn’t have the pace today. On top of that, Felipe ran out of tyres towards the end, so we had to pit and put on another set on which was a shame. It was a race to forget really so I’m not going to dwell on it too much.”

He added “The rain at the start made our decisions more difficult, but we made the correct calls, and didn’t do anything vastly different to anybody else, apart from our extra stop with Felipe. The car just wasn’t quick enough to make any more progress in the race.”



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