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Lewis Hamilton took pole ahead of the season opening Australian Grand Prix. He beat Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel to take pole by two tenths of a second.

Pole Lap

Lewis comes across the line and he breaks just at the marshal post and slows to 173kph for turn one, before putting his foot down for a bit knowing entry to two isn’t far he hits the outside kerb. Then goes across the corner running to the inside then crosses back across the track heading for four.

He turns in hitting the middle off the corner at 100kph before running to the outside running parrell with the kerb before going to the inside for five running along the kerb. He then crosses back to the outside then aims down the centre of the track. Through the kinks then hits apex of seven running to the outside.

Back to the outside carrying speed along the straight and through the kink. Breaks just after exiting for eleven and hits the apex at 122kph and in third gear. Back to the outside on exit where he runs along the middle of the track before breaking for twelve through the next corner at 255kph. He runs along the kerb and outside.

Through the kink then breaks at 150m board for fourteen. Through nicely good also through fourteen into fifteen from the inside goes to the outside hitting the apex running briefly along the inside quick change to the outside then back to inside. Runs through the corner and all away along over the line and a 01:22.188.

Ferrari v Mercedes

Tomorrows Grand Prix will be a fight between Ferrari and Mercedes who appear quite evenly matched. From testing Mercedes look like they can pull away slightly but Ferrari can stay with them. But in testing Ferrari had decent one lap pace but Mercedes have the long run pace.

Mercedes proved in testing that they can get great reliability in their car but they expect to have more of a challenge in the race. But they I feel remain the favourites here, because there engine package still has the performance we seen for the past three years.

Riccardo Crash

Daniel Ricciardo starts his home race in tenth after he crashed out in Q3. It will be a disappointment for him and a rare crash for him.  On the exit of fourteen he just lost the rear end send him across the gravel and hit the wall with the rear.

Wehrlein out

Pascal Wehrlein sat out the day and will miss tomorrows race because he does not feel fit enough to complete the race, Sauber have announced.

Wehrlein injured his back in January’s Race of Champions and the German cited a “training deficit” caused by the injury as the reason behind his decision to withdraw. He has been replaced by Antonio Givovinazzi. The Italian just missed out on Q2 and starts behind team-mate Marcus Ericsson.

Sauber had a strong qualifying to get ahead of a Haas, a McLaren, a Williams and a Renault. It’s clear to see the investment from Longbow Finance beginning to pay off. They know that scoring points regularly is important for them this season and its paying off for them.


While we will all be watching the Mercedes v Ferrari v Red Bull battle at the front. The midfield appears close, Haas look like the leaders but Williams are going to out trump them on track. But getting points early will be key in that mid-field group who will subconsciously thinking about the constructors.

I think Haas will have learnt why they fell away following strong early races, they have good drivers in Romain Grosjean and Kevin Magnussen who have got midfield cars on the podium here. But, Haas will be looking for mid low points.

But, the midfield and all the teams will be wary as the race can be unpredictable.


Mixed day they got Fernando Alonso into Q2 which following there dire winter testing can be seen as some improvement but not what the team want. McLaren are going to do their best to score point but the technical issues need sorting as Stoffel Vandoorne had the fuel flow issue.

Race Preview

This weekend’s race remains uncertain but expect Mercedes to just edge Ferrari. We know that Pirelli have longer lasting tyres, this should see the drivers being able to push for longer. We know mistakes will be made with rookies and drivers being a bit rusty.



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