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Drivers – (44) Lewis Hamilton, (6) Nico Rosberg

Having been the dominate team over the past two seasons Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton will be looking to continue their form into the season. Hamilton looks to be unstoppable but in the last few races of 2015 Rosberg outpaced his team-mate.

The hope in everyone’s view is that this continues into 2016 but other teams are able to challenge. But could tension rise and civil war break out between the two which could lead to one of them having to leave the team for 2017.

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Drivers – 5 Sebastian Vettel, 7 Kimi Raikkonen

Ferrari were the only team other than Mercedes to win races in 2015 which they hope to continue this season. Despite rumours in the middle of 2015 that Raikkonen was being replaced the Fin remains but this could season in the sport. Vettel last year established himself clear team leader and if the team deliver he may stand a chance at a fifth title.

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Red Bull
Drivers – (3) Daniel Ricciardo, (26) Daniil Kyvat

Red Bull are staying in the sport despite treating to leave if things didn’t change but if the bring this up in 2016 it could be more damaging to there brand of the drinks giant. They have stuck with Renault engines but they have been branded as TAG Heuer.

The team have a strong line up in Ricciardo and Kyvat who are capable of delivering good results but they need a car. Kyvat also needs to prove himself if he is not facing a challenge from the young Max Verstappen and Carlos Sainz who have the talent.

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Drivers – (20) Kevin Magnesson, (30) Jolyon Palmer

Renault is returning to the sport this year after a five year break. This year for the manufacturer is a rebuilding year as Lotus needed to upgrade their factory as there’s been poor investment over the last few years while it was in private hands.

There is some risk for the team in the short term this was echoed by Cyril Abiteboul. They have been behind since the introduction of the V6 Turbo’s in 2014 this caused tension with Red Bull last season which may damage their image further.

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Drivers – (19) Felipe Massa, (77)Valtteri Bottas

Williams became the third team last season managing to beat Red Bull on track. This earned the team more money which they can use to develop their car. They have also stuck to the same line up with Bottas needing another good season if a Ferrari seat comes up.

Williams have a difficult position as a privateer team they got to invest and deliver good profits and returns to shareholders which means they can’t just throw money at the car. But expect improvement with them continuing to improve through-out 2016.

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Force India
Drivers –
(11) Sergio Perez, (27) Nico Hulkenberg

Force India could have had a stronger season last year if they B Spec car was introduced at the beginning of the season. Should the team get a better car in 2016 they could make their place in the top half of the constructors championship.

They have stuck with Perez and Hulkenberg who are good at delivering the results when they matter. The team could make gains if they have financial position is stable and they have a strong development program this season. Perez has the backing of huge Mexican business and with other backers could move forward again in 2016.

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Toro Rosso
Drivers – (33) Max Verstappen, (55) Carlos Sainz

Toro Rosso has stuck with last year’s two impressive rookies as they look to continue their good form and progress their careers. Through-out 2015 the pair looked evenly matched and this could be the scene of more action this year. Verstappen impressed many last season for his second season in single seater racing and if he keeps delivering on what he did last year he could be on his way to one of the big four teams.

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Drivers – (9) Marcus Ericcson, (12) Felipe Nasr

Sauber could remain in the mid-field this season as it may be hard with their small budget to completed long term with the big privateer team Williams throughout the year. Normally the team starts of ok but struggles to progress on the start of the season.

The team has stuck with Ericcson and Nasr who have the potential to help the team move forward. Also the Ferrari power unit will benefit them this season as it looks to be more powerful.

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Drivers – (14) Fernando Alonso, (22) Jenson Button

McLaren had a difficult season in 2015 after returning to Honda power. The team will be looking to make major gains to return to the mid field this season. But this maybe unlikely as to develop a power unit which is better and more powerful could take time.

The team have stuck with Button and Alonso despite frustration on all sides with the lack of competiveness last season. However will another difficult season cause team to fall into civil war between the drivers, the team and Honda.

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Drivers – (94) Pascal Wehrlin, (88) Rio Haryanto

Manor is almost certainly going to have a better 2016 after becoming the second Mercedes team. The team had a difficult 2014-15 facing collapse and only managing to run a 2014 car last year. This year the team have new management, a new engine and new partnerships.

The team are running Mercedes engines alongside buying parts from Williams to off the main players in the sport. This means they will bring their first new car since 2014. Also, expect them to make future improvements this season on track.

There signing of Wehrlin strongly builds there partnership with Mercedes.

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Drivers (8) Romain Grosjean, (21) Esteban Gutierrez

Haas are the new outfit entering F1 for the first time and while there new to F1 there certainly not new to Motorsport. The team has brought many parts from

Ferrari which may help them but Nascar and F1 are different they will find it difficult to start but may deliver in mid to latter part of the season.

Haas have two experienced drivers and Gutierrez has worked for Ferrari as there test driver so has experience with working with Ferrari both as reserve driver and client of the team during his time a Sauber.

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