Jules Bianchi – Father says he is “less optimistic”


The father of Jules Bianchi has told a French radio station that he is “less optimistic” that his son will recover from head injuries after a crash at last years Japanese Grand Prix.

Bianchi crashed into a recovery truck during the race at Suzuka last October placing him in a coma. Philippe Bianchi to France Info radio his son had shown “no significant progress.”

He admitted if the 25 year old does awake from his coma, it could lead to added difficulties. He added “As time goes by, I am less optimistic than I might have been two or three months after the accident when we could have hoped for better progress.”

He said that Jules spoke to him after seven times world champion Michael Schumacher who suffered severe head injuries in a skiing accident in December 2013 and faces a long road to recovery.

Felipe said “He discussed with us that if one day he had an accident like that of Michael Schumacher, that even if his only handicap was not being able to drive, he would have a lot of difficulty living. Because it was his life.”

Meanwhile, Corinna Schumacher has taken legal action against three tabloids over wild speculation about his health that included claims that he had spoken his first words.


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