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As the f1 circus begins its European leg which makes up most of the majority of the 2015 season. The key questions facing Mercedes is are we able to stay ahead of the field and retain the lead at the top of formula One.

Mercedes are the team still you need to beat even thou that Ferrari are a lot closer than last year. Both teams will have been developing there cars in the break in order to get closer to the front of the field. Well two teams appear to be ahead we want drama and more teams fighting at the top.

The race in Barcelona will be a test for all the teams to see what progress they have made. Red Bull will need to bring some major improvements in order to catch the front runners Mercedes. It’s hard to believe that we are already a fourth of the way through the season.

Generally, anyone who is set up well and wins this race carry’s the momentum into the next race in Monaco. The circuits are very similar apart from the fact that Monaco is a narrow because it is on public roads. The next three days are in my view key to any teams Attempt to make a challenge for the title.

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