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The sport is still in shock the day after Jules Bianchi’s death following a crash at the Japanese Grand Prix. For me reporting on a story like this there is a line I need to stick to so I am not basis. Yes I need to report the facts but I need to block out my own feelings about Jules’s death.

This is the first ‘on track death’ I have covered but it is not my first driver death report. I remember writing for JAT GP the obituary for Maria de Vollita back in 2013 and I personally feared the worse when Michael Schumacher had his skiing accident. I kind of still think about how I will cover this.

F1 has been lucky twenty one year’s since the deaths at Imola of Aryton Senna and Roland Ratzenberger in 1994. We all know the risks and on every ticket it says “motorsport is dangerous.” But, we all put that to the back of our minds because we love watching racing. I do this because I enjoy writing about F1.

F1 has got safer and the never ending quest to do so will never end. No one wants people die from doing what they love. Drivers are united and no matter what will act together when they need to for their safety. That’s why they have their trade union. We know questions will be asked and as a sport we need to learn the lessons.

I live in hope as do us all that it will never happen again. But it is always at the back of my mind someone could die. We need to still live in hope for Michael but still be prepared for the worse.

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