Is Dennis’s time up with McLaren or not – as reports say


Autosport say they understand that McLaren chairman Ron Dennis will leave the team at the end of the year, as his contract will not be renewed by the group.

Dennis’s departure would see the end of his thirty year relationship with the team and the McLaren Group which is made up of McLaren Racing, McLaren Marketing and McLaren Applied Technologies. But will not affect the running of their car company McLaren Automotive which is a separate company with a longer history.

Denxit will see the end of the coup from 2014 which was reported to have backroom rows and a fall in the team performance over the past four years. Dennis was a shareholder who was planning to buyout the controlling stake from the Bahraini state wealth fund Mumtalakat and deadlines by which Dennis was required to raise the money.

McLaren so far have denied the reports saying “In response to your question, Ron Dennis responded by stating categorically that he is not stepping down.”

“Moreover, he remains contracted as chairman and chief executive officer of McLaren Technology Group, and he retains a 25% shareholding in the Group – exactly equal to that of Mansour Ojjeh.

“Over many years, many decades in fact, McLaren shareholders have often entered into dialogue on the subject of potential equity movements and realignments, and Ron and Mansour have always been central to those discussions.

But the spokesman says that conversations about his future is ‘more of the same’ but seems to say that discussions over Dennis’s future are on going. As expected that remains confidential.

Dennis earlier this year told F1 Racing in a special edition marking there fifty years in F1 said “I’ll never stop.

“The definition of ‘stop’ varies from individual to individual. I’ll occasionally start a speech by saying ‘I’ve never done a day’s work in my life’ and, by and large, that’s a very accurate statement, because I love what I do, it doesn’t feel like work, so why would I stop doing it?”

Dennis has been the ‘king’ of McLaren for over thirty years after buying the struggling F1 team from previous owners Teddy Mayer and Tyler Alexander in 1981 having first become involved in the team in September the previous year.

This has seen the team win ten drivers and seven constructors titles under his leadership. Including dominance between 1988-91 when the won four drivers titles with Alain Prost and Ayrton Senna. But there last title was in 2008 with Lewis Hamilton.


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