FATHER LIKE SON – The story of two families Hill’s and Rosberg’s


Nico and Keke Rosberg, Damon and Graham Hill, two fathers and sons who could be the only father and son to become world champions. This achievement is something may thought would never be repeat, but yet twenty years since Murray Walker uttered “and I’ve got to stop, because I’ve got a lump in my throat” it could happen again.

This season Nico has been the better driver and has shown he can race against two of the best drivers Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel this season. But we know we are in the second golden era of the sliver arrows, they are just been brilliant with the current rules

Here’s an interesting fact for you, if Nico takes the world title it would be exactly the same gap that was between the Hill’s taking there titles. (Referring to Hill senior’s first title.)

I had questions last year when Hamilton was just dominating the sport whether Nico could come back at him? We know he has been able to regardless of Hamilton’s technical woes because he has out raced him on track.

There wouldn’t be any love lost if Hamilton were to lose this champion to his ‘best friend’ Rosberg this season. But, we know just a few retirements or being out of the points in the next two races could change this title race. This however appears to be unlikely.

Another interesting point all four drivers have been racing in there championship season in British built and designed cars. (Mercedes race under a German licence but are UK based) Rosberg Jr and Hill Jr both grew up around F1 and know the sport well.

Rosberg Jr and Hill jr were both of the more modern era of motorsport with karting where go-karting, junior formulae were well established. While for their fathers it wasn’t as established and was harder to get up the ladder into Formula One.

Rosberg’s and the Hills have both followed each other’s design for their helmets. Hill was able to win against the more brilliant Michael Schumacher in his title year and Rosberg has done the same thing as Hill with Hamilton. Yes, you can argue Vettel is statically in terms of championships wins etc but Hamilton has that Senna-esque feel about his racing. Hamilton hopes of bettering Senna is not over I feel. He is the best British driver on paper and I feel he can come back.

Rosberg has reminded us that no one has a team-mate like Hamilton, but he cannot be counted out of the title. You need to remember that 2008 race in Sau Paulo where Hamilton stole the title from Felipe Massa in that race by a point.

But, this remains a tail order for Hamilton however for him and Mercedes I think they need to give them an equal fight in the coming races. One slip up from Hamilton would hand over the title to Rosberg, but I think he will be grateful that its stays in house.

How Rosberg can win

If Rosberg wins on Sunday and Hamilton retires or fails to finish in the points.
If Rosberg wins on Sunday and Hamilton is tenth, while Hamilton can equal him mathematically, if he wins in Brazil and Abu Dhabi Rosberg would win on count back of second places.

This puts the odds in Rosberg favour to win this year’s championship… but may I round off with a Murrayism “Anything happens in Grand Prix racing … and it usually does!”


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