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Schumacher is reacting to treatment

Luca di Montezemolo says that Michael  Schumacher is “reacting” to treatment and his strength will help him recover from his horror skiing crash. While these comments are not official they can be seen as a sign of encouragement for fans and formula one.

The seven times world champion hit his head on a rock in December 2014 and is currently receive rehabilitation staff at his palatial home on the shores of Lake Geneva.

Di Montezemolo told the Daily Express “I’m very pleased to know that he is reacting. I know how strong he is. I’m sure that thanks to his determination, which will be crucial, he will come out from this very, very difficult situation. And I really hope.”

FIA present Jean Todt who was his team boss at Ferrari said “I remember every new year before the championship started he was always asking me to do private testing alone to make sure he was still a good driver.”

Family and Friend remain tight lipped about his health but rare snippets like this of news revealing he is enduring a painfully slow recovery from the brain injuries.

Last month the manager of the seven times champion Sabine Kehm announced recently that he is making progress in his rehab programme. In an interview she said, “We are happy to say still he does improvement and I say this always considering the severeness of the injury he had.”


We want our decide first – Williams  

Claire Williams says that her Williams team is determined to ‘own’ the decision on its 2017 driver line-up, rather than sitting back and waiting to see who is available after Formula 1’s annual ‘silly season’.

This years ‘transfer window’ could be interesting as all three of the four works teams Ferrari Mercedes and Mclaren all have big names unsigned. Kimi Raikkonen deal with Ferrari ends with rumours expected again that he could be replaced, Jenson Button’s deal with McLaren runs out plus Nico Rosberg has yet to agree a deal with Mercedes.

Williams could be one of the strongest non-works team as they are fourth behind two of the four works teams. This means if they can deliver a good car and without the financial woes of other smaller teams they could be in a very good position.

Ms Williams the Deputy Team Principal told Motorsport.com: “We want to own our driver line-up decision this year. Waiting around for dominoes to fall in other teams is not on our agenda. That is not how we want to play the 2017 line-up. We want to make our own decisions.”

She says the team will  only interested in big name drivers who can deliver the kind of top level results that the team now expects. “That is what we set about as our target for our driver line-up when we made our transition a few years ago,” added Williams.

She says that we could deliver should we get the driver who had success in the past and experience  F1 it would be good commercially. She added that its  not impossible that it will retain both Massa and Bottas next season on the back of their continued strong results.


The fall out from Spain

Lewis Hamilton has been speaking today about the fall out after crashing with Nico Rosberg at the Spanish Grand Prix. The world champion told the BBC that there incident was in the past.

“It’s fine. In the past, there would have been tension but there was just pure respect. I said, ‘I still have all the respect for you,’ and he said the same. It doesn’t change anything about how we approach racing.” Said Hamilton.

In the past there has been tension between the two after difficult on track disagreements ant accidents. Hamilton explained the thinks are different because the discuss things both at the track and away from the track saying “We didn’t talk through the incident. We don’t need to. We know what happened. We experienced it. We know how we felt about it before.

“We are not like the more emotional beings on the planet who talk about things”

However Rosberg refuses to discuss the  incident and its aftermath. He said “If we have spoken or not, that needs to be kept internal. But it is a thing of the past now.”


F1 drivers defeated

Last night Formula One drivers and others took part in the annual charity football game at the Monaco’s Stade Louis II. This years the F1 team won 3-1 to the all-stars who were managed by Leicester City’s Claudio Ranieri.

The F1 team was captained by Fernando Alonso and included Max Verstappen, Carlos Sainz and Felipe Massa the F1 drivers plus Emmanuel Petit and William Gallas. The game was held in aid of children’s charity set up by the crown prince’s foundation, which helps underprivileged children around the world.

Ranieri speaking about the success he has had winning the English premier league and last nights game said “Something happened in one month that changed my life. I can say only thank you to my players.”


Verstappen on historic win

Max Verstappen has told the world’s media about his surprise victory at the Spanish Grand Prix. The 18- year old because the youngest race winner after taking victory in Barcelona.

Verstappen said “”It was pretty crazy in Holland. [To be] the first Dutch winner is always very special. I can call myself the youngest and the oldest – something I’m the oldest in!” He is the first driver Dutchman to win a race. Speaking about the win he said he didn’t go out in Holland much but he enjoyed the time with family and friends.

“I think every driver has pressure but I turn it into positive pressure,” he continued. “As long as you’re enjoying it and you feel happy then I think that’s the most important to have success and at the end I always try to do my best and I think that takes a lot of pressure away as well.”

Verstappen says he didn’t expect to take the win saying he just jumped in the car then was suddenly leading the race. He says in the next few races he will do his best and it will be difficult to beat them at the moment but we’ll do our best.

But says he will approach Monaco in the same way as in Barcelona.


Disappointing we play with tyre pressure – Renault

Renault says that its  ‘disappointing’ for Formula 1 that teams are having to find ways to play around with tyre pressures because of high starting limits.

There have been concerns that a number of teams have found clever ways to legally bring down pressures from the minimum starting limits laid down by Pirelli and the FIA.

This weekend the FIA has old teams to log all their tyre pressure data from this weekend’s Monaco Grand Prix so that the governing body can see if teams are acting in a way that is outside of the spirit of the regulations.

Technical director Bob Bell told Motorsport.com “It is disappointing that we are having to do this. I am sure we would all rather be back as we were before with much more relaxed tyre pressures that were more in line with getting maximum performance from the tyres and not having to go through all this.”

Bell however played down talk of t some teams may be breaking the regulations – through double-chambered rims or clever valves – but admits that heating parts of the cars can bring benefits.

“We don’t have any tricks, I can honestly tell you – and if there was a good one I would love to tell you what it is,” he said.

There has been suggestion of replacing starting pressures with  with a ‘running’ pressure. But software and a effective way of doing this needs to be found.


Haryanto seat in doubt

Rio Haryanto’s future with Manor could be in doubt because the Indonesian Government could withdraw funding after the Hungarian Grand Prix.

His manger Peris Hunnisett acknowledged there had been complications with the promised funding. Speaking to Autosport Hunnisett said “At the beginning of the year the minister for sport promised us a certain amount, “That has been slightly delayed, or wasn’t quite as it came across.

“The government see the benefits of Formula 1 and they really want to see Rio finish the year and obviously continue in Formula 1 because it’s a huge benefit for the country.”

Autosport asked Haryanto if he expected to be in the car for the rest of the year, Haryanto replied: “To be honest, I don’t know. I hope I can be here for the full season as there are some rumours that I’m only going to do half the season.”

“At the moment my management are working very hard to get the full season.” He said he was trying not to let the uncertainty impact on his driving.


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