F1 Today – 30/06/2015

F1 Today

Only if there bigger – Michelin

Michelin will only supply tyres to F1 if the sport agrees to make them bigger. Motorsport boss Pascal Couasnon feels sure that the change will happen eventually.

The French manufacture are set to fight with current suppliers Pirelli for a three year contract from 2017 when the rules could be changed to make cars quicker and harder to handle. However, they will only agree if the tyre specification changes from 13 inches to at least 18 inches.

Couasnon said “If the sport decides to stay with 13 inch, we respect it but it would not make sense to us.” The current tender information opens the way for an increase in diameter of the tyre.

The transfer of technology was important for Michelin and F1 tyres needed to have a smaller sidewall and be more similar to those used by regular drivers he added.


Nice but no – Ricciardo

Daniel Ricciardo has acknowledged the Ferrari Formula 1 team is interested in signing him but believes it unlikely he could leave Red Bull. Ferrari is currently debating whether to keep Kimi Raikkonen next season.

When asked about the rumours he said he still had faith in Red Bull and his understanding was that he has a binding contract, but also appreciated the interest from Ferrari.

He told Autosport “I won’t go into too much detail. First and foremost, not talking about contracts or anything, what I want is to win. A lot of my frustration this year is because of that.”

He said its was “nice to be recognised by a team like that so I will take it a compliment and see what happens.” He has this year been growing frustrated with the lack of performance that Red Bull has.


Todt vs Ecclestone

Berine Ecclestone and Jean Todt have clashed over the criticism of the sport’s 1.6-litre V6 power unit.

Ecclestone described the engine introduced last year as “a shitty product”. But Todt said: “If he has some complaints, which may be right, it’s something we should address internally and not make it public.”

Todt would like to move races to the evening while Ecclestone would rather it remains how it is. Tod said there relationship is one minute he may tell you I am his best friend then five minutes later to somebody else I am the worst idiot he has met in his life.


Thai GP?

The governor of the Sports Authority of Thailand Sakol Wannapong, has set himself the task of bringing F1 to the country. The venue Wannapong wants the circuit build on the outskirts of Bangkok.

He said to organise the race will require 100,000 Baht (£18,829.14). The country has some expertise in organising motorsports events after holding the Race of Champions in Bangkok twice in 2011 and 2012.

They hoped the race would help the country to hold a Grand Prix.


Focus on grid spot

Susie Wolff says she remains focused on making it onto the grid, but admits she will be considering her options at the end of the year. The 32- year old signed for Williams in 2012.

Wolff has taken part in practices for the team. She said “I get as close as I can get to be in the race car, and there is only one step up and that is to be on the starting grid. But, it’s incredibly tough, like any other driver that tries to get in here will tell you.”

She will remain committed to putting herself in a position for a race drive should the opportunity arrive, by making the most of each outing.


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