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Crash Compensation

The family of Maria De Villota are considering claiming compensation over her crash in July 2012. It comes a day after the British Health and Safety Executive announced it will not take further action against Marussia (now Manor).

She crashed a car into truck while testing at Duxford airfield. she suffered serious head and facial injuries. She then died following “neurological injuries” in October 2013.

Her family say they are now analysing the report “to evaluate the next legal steps to claim the corresponding civil compensation from those responsible.” Manor has not commented on the ruling or the threat of legal action.


Perfect place to begin – Verstappen

Max Verstappen has told ESPN that Toro Rosso is the perfect place to begin his F1 career giving him chance to learn lessons and gain experience than there would be at Red Bull.

Verstappen has had good start to his F1 career but last weekend had a shunt with Romain Grosjean which was called dangerous by Felipe Massa. He told ESPN “It’s good for me to start here and get more experience and try and improve myself all the time. I’ve learnt a lot of lessons and so far I’m happy with how things are going.”

Last week Verstappen said when you are a rookie and make mistakes people forgive you.


No break test – Lotus

Alan Permane louts director has rejected claims that Roman Grosjean break tested Max Verstappen during the Monaco Grand Prix which caused the teenager to crash.

Verstappen wrote on his website “I was charging through the field, before I got brake tested and had a hard crash into turn 1.” Following this Permane wrote on twitter “@RGrosjean (Grosjean) didn’t brake test @Max33Verstappen (Verstappen), he braked 5m later than previous lap. Data accepted by FIA so the penalty was for Max not RG”

In a second tweet he wrote a few hours later “Final word on this for the many people asking, @RGrosjean lifted off over 5m later than the previous lap and braked 5m later.”

Grosjean said after the race he hoped the crash served as a lesson learned for the rookie driver.


No alcohol ban

The FIA president Jean Todt has ruled out any ban on alcohol sponsorship in Formula One. However he said a ban would not be possible to implement.

Last week the EU backed Eurocare called on the governing body to clamp down on sponsorship by alcohol brands. The report claimed that during the 2014 Monaco GP the audience of around 500 million was exposed to a brand every five seconds.

There were similar calls before a ban on tobacco before an EU ban was implemented in 2005, but Ferrari to be sponsored by Marlboro tobacco. He told the International Transport Forum in Leipzig, “The use of advertising for alcohol is not linked to the FIA It’s linked to each singular country.”

Adding “I’m completely against and advocating against drinking and driving, but each country needs to make his own job.”


Clamping down

Reports suggest that the FIA is pushing to make sure that all the regulations are followed by all the teams. Last season they had a major clamp down on fuel flow.

There are reports that Honda may have made progress with engine development despite not yet spending a single performance “token.” Also that Ferrari are benefiting from the Haas wind tunnel as they begin their development of there car.

Meanwhile the Spanish media reports a new 50 Newton load test will be applied for front-wing flexibility compliance from next weekend’s Canadian Grand Prix. While the Italian media says Ferrari wind tunnel is  set to be inspected by the FIA.


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