F1 Today – 28/04/2015

F1 Today

No deal yet

Mercedes have denied rumours that Lewis Hamilton has signed a contract extension with the team. Reports in Sport Bild suggested that the two times world champion had signed a deal for three seasons with an extension until 2020.

Bild estimated that Hamilton who earn over €175 million. Chairman Niki Lauda wouldn’t confirm the rumours and a spokesman for the team said the report was not right. Hamilton said he is about to sign telling Bild am Sonntag newspaper “I want to have it all done by the next race in Barcelona. I can hardly imagine driving a car other than a Mercedes.”

He added “I would be very happy to drive for Mercedes until the end of my career.”


Dads never retiring – Williams

The daughter of Sir Frank Williams Claire says her father will never retire “until we find him, one day, face down on the desk.”

She said yesterday while announcing the teams made a loss of £42.5 million. She said “Frank is in there 24/7. He’s in the office more than any of us. He loves it, he’s passionate about it.”

She added that he has no plans to retire and it wouldn’t be the same without him.


Mosley’s latest cap idea

Former FIA present Max Mosley says that teams should be given almost total rules freedom to design their car in exchange for signing up to a budget cap.

The comments come ahead of another key meeting where bosses want to keep the big manufactures and the smaller teams happy. Over the last six months the cost of the sport has been back on the agenda after the collapse of Caterham.

The idea of a budget cap has been rejected many times but Mosley’s idea would allow teams to freedom technically to come up with the quickest car. With costs as the main restriction, it could be that teams only have to ensure their cars comply with safety and dimensional limits.

He says he “could imagine that very soon all the teams would be in the camp of the budget cap.”


Puma announces Red Bull deal

The sportswear manufacture Puma, has announced a long term partnership from next season with Red Bull. Puma will supply the team with performance racewear, footwear and teamwear.

Puma will also supply the fan wear. The deal according to Puma is part of its plan for marketing campaigns in 2016 and beyond. Puma CEO Björn Gulden said “There is huge potential within the wider Red Bull organisation to build upon this partnership and explore new territory, and there is an enthusiasm amongst both companies to do so.”

Team boss Christian Horner added “Puma is a great fit with the Red Bull Racing team and we are looking forward to working with them once again. Red Bull Racing and Puma enjoyed a successful relationship between 2007 and 2010.”


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