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No action after crash of De Villota

No further action will be taken by the British Health and Safety Executive into the crash of the former Marussia test driver Maria de Villota. Villota crashed a car into a truck during a straight line test at Duxford airfield in July 2012

The Spaniard died of natural causes the following year which may have been linked to her crash. During the crash she lost her right eye but was cleared fit to drive the following year.

HSE said “The investigation is now complete and no enforcement action is being taken. Both the company [Manor Grand Prix Racing] and the DP’s [deceased person’s] family have been informed.”

De Villota, the daughter of 1980s F1 driver Emilio de Villota.


Making progress

The agent of seven times Formula One world champion Michael Schumacher, says he is making progress.

Schumacher hit his head on a rock while skiing near Meribel in December 2013 and suffered severe head injuries. He was then fighting for his life and came out of a coma last June before being transferred to a swiss hospital in June. He returned home in September where he continues his rehabilitation.

This has been the first update since February were it was understood to be mute with “limited awareness” of his environment and is also still unable to walk. His care is understood according to The Express to be £100,000 a week.


No engine tokens – Ferrari

Ferrari have ruled out using any of their engine tokens in order to close the gap to  Mercedes. Ferrari has however managed to close the power gap this season but still needs a further step forward if it is to regularly beat the reigning champions.

Team principal Maurizio Arrivabene told the media that they “In Canada we will not use the tokens. But do not ask me when we will do it, because I do not want to give the information to the Germans [Mercedes]. I want a bit of [Italian] nationalism.”


Not in crisis – Todt

FIA president Jean Todt says he believes that Formula One doesn’t need a major overhaul. In recent weeks the paddock has been claiming that the sport is in crisis.

He told Nice Matin newspaper that Formula One remains the pinnacle of motorsport. Adding “of course there is always something to correct. Unfortunately, the people who work in Formula One do not always carry a positive message, and the costs in the championship are also too great.”

He said it very difficult to solve the problems facing the sport and he “supports the new regulations for the engines, but at the same time I think they are too expensive.”


Alonso made right call

The manager of Fernando Alonso and former Renault boss Flavio Briatore believes that he made the right move in leaving Ferrari for McLaren even if he has yet to score a point this season.

He said “I believe at one point in Ferrari it was over, from both sides. I believe it was a good change. McLaren is a serious team. Honda we know is a great company and we are there.”

Alonso has failed to score a point this season and his former team Ferrari have been on the podium in every grand prix this season. Britore who was banned from the sport after race fixing 2008 Singapore Grand Prix believes Ferrari were still no closer to dethroning Mercedes even if they appeared to be more competitive.


Dangerous to ask the fans – Villeneuve

Former world champion Jacques Villeneuve says it is dangerous to ask fans for their views on the sports future. Last week the drivers launched a fans survey which closes today.

Villeneuve doesn’t agree with getting the fans involed in the sport and foucs on the entertaining the fans. He told Autosport “It is dangerous to ask the fans what they want, because a lot of modern F1 is what the fans wanted.”

He added “Obviously it doesn’t work. It is knowing what is required which is very intricate.”


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