F1 Today: 25/03/2015

F1 Today

Rising tensions

Tensions between Red Bull and engine supplier Renault continue to rise with the managing director of Renault Cyril Abiteboul posting a picture of a pair of boxing gloves on Twitter.

Both sides have been disagreeing on who is responsible for the lack of performance on the car. Tensions began to rise following introduction last year of the V6 turbo hybrid power units. Before the season opener Red Bull designer Adrian Newey suggested there was “no obvious light at the end of the tunnel and all sorts of failings” with the engine.

Abiteboul has called for both sides to “work together to understand our issues, both within the Power Unit and the chassis.” He says that the lap difference between Mercedes and Red Bull was “equally split between driveability issues, engine performance and chassis performance. It’s therefore the overall package that needs some help and we have been working with the team to move forward.”

Meanwhile Renault’s director of operations, Remi Taffin says Malaysia should be more of a benchmark and offered a chance to “press the restart button


Unfair to rein us in – Hamilton

World champion Lewis Hamilton says it would be unfair if F1’s current technical regulations were amended to curb Mercedes’ current domination.

Last season the team scored a record- breaking 11 one-two finishes in 2014 and continued there run with victory in Australia. Red bull boss Christian Horner called for the FIA to rein in Mercedes.

Hamilton took a different view telling Sky Sports News that all teams follow the same rules saying “Ultimately they did the job many years ago and now we are doing the job. It would be unfair in that sense. Our team has worked very, very hard with the same rules – and we’ve done a good job.”

But the war of hearts and minds of the viewing public are already underway between Hamilton and his team-mate Nico Rosberg.


Don’t hit at Mercedes

Williams’s head of vehicle performance Rob Smedley has told ESPN that he believes there is nothing wrong with Mercedes dominating F1 this year and says it is down to the other teams to catch up.

He says that Mercedes’ achievements are exactly what Formula One is about and should be praised rather than criticised. He told ESPN that the effort made by Mercedes is “pretty outstanding and I would take my hat off to them and say they have done a fantastic job.”

“I’m not going to sit here and bitch and moan because they are quicker than us. I have been in situations with teams before where we have been dominant” during his time with Ferrari.

He says it will eventually swing back to other teams, but he says Williams would not just sit and wait for that to happen.


More noise please

Formula One’s Strategy Group continues to debate what can been done to improve spectacle of grand prix racing over the coming years.

Despite introducing new regulations last year there has been criticised by many teams, drivers and fans. Currently the group is currently looking at changing technical regulations to make the cars more radical and looking at innovations.

Claire Williams says “Conversations are focusing around changing the engine formula as it currently is in order to make it louder – which is what fans want – and changing technical regulations to make the cars more radical, more forward looking and more innovative.”

But she called for more to understand what fans want from the sport.


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