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Force the low cost engines – Mosley

Engine manufacturers should be forced to supply engines at a low cost according to former FIA president Max Mosley. The FIA recently had a plan which Ferrari vetoed to introduce a cap of €12 million on engines which Mosley called “small minded.”

Ferrari say the decision to oppose the cap was to defend a commercial principal. Team Principal Maurizio Arrivabene explained to Sky Sports why they vetoed the move “A public company has research and development costs that somehow you have to recover. I don’t find any commercial entity all around the world that is giving their product out to the market for free – or at cost.”

But Mosley says he would say that teams are in the sport to promote their brand and the brand is an expensive one. He added “So I would be inclined to pick a much lower figure, something in the 5 or 6m Euro bracket, depending on what the teams can afford.”

Mosley say the benefits on Mercedes were there cost of engine research is beneficial to their road car business as research and development.

“These engines are completely road relevant, the research you are doing is absolutely focused on the road and will be very useful so that is part of your main business.”


News – in – brief

  • Ultra-soft tyres – Pirelli say there new ultra-soft compound will only be used at street circuits. The tyre supplier will only be use at circuits like Monaco or Sochi. Motorsports boss has been quoted as telling Motorsports.com “It’s only for the street circuits because as we saw in Monaco and in Singapore the wear levels are very low at the moment”
  • Win in Abu Dhabi – Lewis Hamilton says he is keen to return to wining at this weekend’s Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. He said “A lot of British fans come out to Abu Dhabi. To win for them and show how grateful I am for the fantastic support I’ve had all year would be the best way to end an incredible season.”


Eager to extend contract – Massa

Felipe Massa says he is eager to extend his contract with Williams beyond 2016 when his current contract ends. The Brazilian has performed better with the British team since joining from Ferrari.

Massa made it clear while there were no guarantees that he would be retained by the team however Williams would be a great option for him. He explained to Motorsports.com “I am happy to work with this amazing team and I guess they are happy to work with me”.

He added “But we need to wait next year on how it is going to be, and what I decide is the next step. If I stay with Williams, which is a fantastic team, or if I go to another team, or stop? I don’t know.”

He echoed a similar phase you hear all the time from drivers when discussing his future saying “When you don’t have the picture in front of you, it is hard to answer. But for sure I want to carry on.”

The Brazilian is determined to stay with Williams because of the shake up planned in 2017. Saying “If one team invests something, or does a better job than the others, they will be a lot quicker and a lot of stronger. But also it could maybe compact the grid”


No regrets about resigning – Lowdon  

Graeme Lowdon is adamant that he hasn’t had regrets about resigning from Manor after six years with the team. Lowdon and John Booth will both leave the team next week after building the team from 2009.

Manor look to be heading forward following deals with Mercedes for an engine and a deal with Williams for parts. Lowdon is understood to be leaving the team because of a fall out with Stephen Fitzpatrick. He concedes he is sad to be going in one respect given what the team has been through in its short time in F1, he feels his decision is the right one.

Speaking to Autosport “It would be nice to be involved in a bit more racing in F1 next season, but I’m confident I’m doing the right thing. Looking back the challenges we’ve had over the six years have been very, very varied, some of which have been very difficult.”

He added “There’s an awful lot of hard work that has gone in, particularly last winter in trying to keep the team alive.” He says there is a sense of achievement that the team is still in the sport.

Lowdon hasn’t started searching for work because he “agreed with the current owners I wouldn’t look for any new employment while still with the team.”


Long and difficult winter – Button

Jenson Button is fearing a long and difficult winter for McLaren as they look to make progress and  return it towards the front of the Formula 1 grid again.

Team-mate Fernando Alonso has suggest the team needs to find 2.5 seconds per lap if the team is to end its 56 races without a win which is the longest in McLaren’s history. In Brazil the car’s lack of pace was again highlighted, with Button suggesting the straight line deficit to its rivals was “scary”.

Button told Autosport “”We knew it was going to be a difficult season, and the last few races in particular have been very difficult. It would be nice to see more reliability, and we are trying to push and make good gains because next year is the one that is a lot more exciting for us.”

The brit branded the season as a testing year and says the team has done well in unusual circumstances. Adding “But most of the time it has been testing, trying to prove out things with the power unit, and also with the car itself, the chassis, the aerodynamics.”

“Every race we have brought new parts, and whether you see them or not in terms of lap time, it is all learning for next year.


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