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Horner calls for finalisation of engine regulations

Red Bull boss Christian Horner has called on his fellow bosses to finalise the new engine regulations which are due to be brought in 2021 as soon as possible. This is to ensure there is scope for independent suppliers to compete alongside the manufacturers.

Recently a meeting between Ross Brawn, the FIA and the manufacturers agreed the sport should switch to being louder, simpler and cheaper while retaining an element of energy recovery.

Horner says the new rules must allow new manufacturers to enter the market. He told Motosport.com “I think the most important thing for F1 post-2020 is a competitive independent engine. I think the regulations for that need to be set very soon.”

He says that the engine is the biggest element for the rights holder, because it dictates so many things like cost, performance and the differential between the manufacturers. Horner says “Also from a show perspective and a fan’s perspective, the engines need to be louder, and sound like F1 engines.”

Horner agrees that cutting cost by the regulation was the way forward rather than a budget cap, saying the costs need to be controlled by the regulations.

He says he “hopefully the FIA with Liberty need to look at 2021 regulations to say, what should F1 be? Should there be an element of standardisation for components that the average fan has no idea about?”

Red Bull’s Dietrich Mateschitz is wary of the cut of the team’s income should changes be made post-2020.


Manchester Attack – F1’s response

A minute silence will be held before Sunday’s Monaco Grand Prix to remember the victims of Monday’s terrorist attack in Manchester. Twenty two, mainly teenagers have been killed, and sixty four people injured.

Salman Abedi blew himself up at the Manchester Arena on Monday night. So-called Islamic State says it carried out the attack. Meanwhile, teams have agreed to run #Manchester on their cars.

All promotional actives outside the race weekend have been cancelled, with  Lewis Hamilton to promotion of the Disney franchise “Cars” was also cancelled “out of respect for the casualties and all of those impacted”, according to the film’s publicist.

In the nearby city of Nice in July, 86 people were killed when they  gathered to watch the fireworks on Bastille Day.

Jenson Button told the press conference “Obviously, it’s horrific. It’s amazing how often it seems to be happening all around the world and more and more in Great Britain. So, yeah, there aren’t many words for it really apart from my thoughts are with everyone that’s been affected.”

“Every life is important but with mostly kids going to the concert that’s what I think hurts the most for everyone. I’m not a parent,  but I know a lot of people who are and I think that’s what hits home the most, how heartless certain people can be.”


Little change for Button in Monaco

Stoffel Vandoorne says his McLaren team-mate Jenson Button will find little difference between the 2017 and the 2016 car at this weekend’s Monaco Grand Prix.

Button is replacing Fernando Alonso this weekend, as the Spaniard competes at the Indianaoplis 500. Button didn’t take part in the Bahrain test and has done his entire race prep on McLarens simulator. This could be a risk for Button, given the increased down force on the car this season.

Vandoorne believes coming back at a tight and twisty track such as Monte Carlo means it will not be such a culture shock, as a faster circuit would. He told Autosport “The cars are quicker, but around the low-speed corners they are still very close to what they were last year.”

“Maybe a tiny bit quicker but that’s not the biggest deal. He’s got 17 years of Formula 1 experience, he should know how to turn a wheel. He’s won before at Monaco so I don’t really see any issues for him.” added Vandoorne.

Button has stressed the accuracy of McLaren’s simulator and he has used to try out set-up changes during grand prix weekend. Button said “We have new ideas [during a GP weekend] and they test it in the simulator and they come back with a yes or not about whether it is in right direction and if it is what we want or it will help our car.”

The Brit admits there are a couple of things you can’t get right on a simulator. But says that in Monaco you have to be realistic.


Chassis not as strong – Key

James Key Technical Director of Toro Rosso has conceded that the STR12 chassis is not as strong as the team’s chassis’ have been in recent seasons.

In 2016, the team was believed to of had one of the best chassis in Formula One, but was held back because the team was running a year old Ferrari engine. The team is currently five ponits behind where they were at this stage last year.

Key admits that this years car still lacks the overall downforce and fears the  team will struggle to repeat its strong recent form in Monaco this weekend. Key told Autosport “I don’t think we’re as strong chassis wise as we have been for the past two years.”

“We’re certainly some way off our maximum downforce at the moment. We’re at the right levels for tracks like Barcelona, and we’re very similar to the group of guys we’re in. It could well be the same at Monaco.”

But, he then said that the power will help at a track where the team has been reasonably competitive with the mechanical grip, and the way our balance works.

Key also says the team still has plenty of room for improvement as the 2017 development race progresses.


Swimming Pool sees new kerbs

New kerbs have been added in the Swimming Pool complex to deter the drivers from cutting the corners during the Monaco Grand Prix.

The Swimming Pool has been difficult to police, with drivers tempted to use the old speed bumps chasing extra lap time. The changes were brought in for Formula E a fortnight ago, a smaller speed bump now runs parallel to the exit wall until a point three metres from beefed up TecPro barriers.

The circuit has been entirely resurfaced ahead of the race weekend.

New asphalt has been put down from the final corner to the exit of Ste. Devote, between Casino Square and the entry of Portiers, from the exit of the Tunnel to the entry of the chicane, and from just before Tabac to after the Swimming Pool.


Pure speed will help Alonso

McLaren boss Zak Brown says that Fernando Alonso has proved he has the “pure speed” to claim a sensational Indianapolis 500 victory this weekend.

Alonso will miss the Monaco Grand Prix so he can take part in the iconic race, he will start the race fifth in the Andretti. Brown says a win would  take his mind off McLaren’s 2017 woes and compete, believes the Spaniard can pull off a shock result.

Speaking on TalkSPORT Brown said he thinks Alonso can win. “You’ve got what appears to be five, six, seven cars that are the fastest and I do think Fernando’s definitely in that group. I don’t think they will be beat if the race is on pure speed.” he said.

Brown says at Indy something dramatic does happen which brings more cars into contention for victory. Alonso’s inexperience could be a key factor, considering that Alonso hadn’t even raced an IndyCar until earlier this month.

He added that Alonso will need to dodge a few bullets and the race is never done.


Force India support for breast cancer

Force India have added a pink ribbon to their car to show their support for Breast Cancer Care for this weekend’s Monaco Grand Prix.

The pink ribbon is the global symbol for breast cancer and will appear on the car for Montreal, Silverstone, Austin and Mexico as well.

The British-based team had huge attention when they switched to a pink livery following  new sponsor BWT, the team felt there was an opportunity to tie up with the breast cancer campaign.

Team boss Vijay Mallya said: “Our cars turning pink created a lot of positive buzz and it’s a pleasure to be able to harness this feeling to raise awareness for such an important cause and charity.”

“We are proud to be working with Breast Cancer Care to bring their work into the spotlight and take advantage of Formula 1’s global reach to improve the lives of everyone affected, directly and indirectly, by breast cancer.”


That’s all from F1 Today this week and Jason Fluhrer will be bringing you full coverage of the Monaco Grand Prix this weekend. F1 Today returns with a Monaco Special, Friday before a week’s break returning Monday 5th of June, with Notebook Thursday evening. Preview here


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