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Montreal reaches deal over future

The future of the Canadian Grand Prix has secured after the city’s mayor announced they have reached a deal with FOM for next year’s race. The race was only marked as provisional when the calendar was released.

It was understood the reason for the hold up over next year’s race was due to the promised improvements not being delivered by the organisers. However after renegotiation of the terms the issue has been resolved for now. The mayor of city Denis Coderre tweeted that a deal had now been reached for the event to take place – and tickets were going on sale this week.

He said: “Agreement in principle with FOWC and Octane [race promoters]. There will be a Grand Prix in Canada in 2017.

Speaking to the media he says the details of the deal is likely to delay the final circuit revamp until 2019 would follow in due course because approval for funding would have to go to a public vote. Coderre added “Formula 1, for me, is extremely important and it’s part of the essential major events that make up Montreal.”


“Impossible odds” says Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton says he faces “pretty impossible odds” going into the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. Already his team-mate and title rival Nico Rosberg said he is treating the race as just a normal weekend.

The race billed now as ‘Desert Dual II’ between the two team-mates but it’s Rosberg who this time the one being hunted by Hamilton. Should Rosberg be on the podium he will be  Germany’s third world champion after Michael Schumacher and Sebastian Vettel, plus the second son of a champion to become champion.

Rosberg said “I will give it everything to end the season with a win. I’ve had a great week, relaxing and catching up with my family and friends, so I feel like I’m in a good place.”

Hamilton who was tipped early on to become Britain’s first four times world champion but goes into the season-ender 12 points. Hamilton knows his fourth title is out of his hands but he needs luck (low points score or no points) the dream to come true.

Hamilton said “I’m faced with pretty impossible odds no matter what I do this weekend. But I can’t and won’t give up. You never know what might happen, however unlikely it may seem.”

If Rosberg is fourth and Hamilton wins he would take his fourth title, droping by two places unless Hamilton is fifth when he would win regardless.

You can read more on this story in ‘DUAL IN THE DESERT II – What you need to know!’ from 9am tomorrow on our website


Long term seat, if you deliver

Renault says there will be a long term seat for Jolyon Palmer if he can show himself to show well against Nico Hulkenberg next year. Palmer was given a one year extension but will need to perform well if he wants a longer deal.

It is expected that in 2018 there could be a number of drivers eying the Renault seat. However Palmer has had the backing of Team Principal Fred Vasseur says there is no reason if he can deliver strong performances against the highly-rated Hulkenberg.

Vasseur told Motortsport.com “It is clear that Nico is a good reference, because he has had a pole position. Jo has the opportunity to show his potential. He will have a very strong reference and if he is able to match with Nico, then we will continue like this.”

When asked if Renault could face another difficult decision next year as a number of big names are out of contract Vasseur said that Palmer would have the advantage because he is “already in place to show his potential, speed and the commitment at the team. I think it is always better to be inside the team than outside. He will have the do the job.”

Vasseur says the reason he was retained is because Palmer had shown good progress over the course of the campaign. He added that they delayed the decision a number of times because they wanted to look at what rookies


Singapore impact

This week Berine Ecclestone suggested that Singapore didn’t want to hold the race anymore because they had reached their goal. But what impact would it have on the country.

Since Singapore started holding the race it has created a stronger brand and diversified the countries tourism. But with Malaysia pulling out after 2018 it could lead to F1 lose their presence in Southeast Asia, one of the world’s fastest-growing regions.

Ecclestone told German magazine Auto Motor und Sport that Singapore does not want to host F1 anymore, then clarified he did not want to lose Singapore. This hints that talks may be getting tougher.

A leading analyst from Deloitte James Watson says “I think Singapore has come in and negotiated hard and has realised they are in a position of strength to do so. This is one of the top ranked grand prix … and one of the markets that the key sponsors of F1 are most interested in.”

The race is 60% funded by the government and the country is debating whether it’s worth holding the race still. The race has become an event with music concerts and other events. But the global uncertainty of the financial markets caused by multiple political and economic factors could see the race dropped.

Around 80% of the spending gets recycled into the economy, with local firms hired for circuit set-up, ticketing and security, the Singapore Tourism Board says.


Rivals better at exploiting regulations

Williams say that there rivals are better at exploiting the regulations says Technical Director Pat Symonds. Next season new regulations will create faster and wider cars with Pirelli developing new wider tyres allowing teams to exploit the regulations.

Symonds says the team could struggle as bigger teams have more capacity to focus on the on finding advantages from the rules. He told Autosport “”That’s something that is part of our jobs and some teams are very aggressive at it and very good at it, more so, for example, that we are at Williams. We seem to be working flat-out just doing what we need to do.”

Symonds says he knows that other teams have people looking at other teams issue then find ways to exploit it on their cars, within the regulations. Williams was one of the teams which exploited a loophole to create a double diffuser in 2009.

He added one factor which limits them is the regulations around wind tunnel time which has limited to sixty five hours a week.


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