F1 TODAY – 23/04/2015

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Build a car for Kimi – Arrivabene

Ferrari boss Maurizio Arrivabene has said he demanded that the 2015 car would suit Kimi Raikkonen. Raikkonen struggled throughout last season with the lack of grip and feedback from the car’s front end as the main reason.

Arrivabene told ESPN “I as asking [chief designer] Simone Resta, and Rory [Byrne, Ferrari consultant], we were watching a picture of the car and I said what can you do to transfer the weight of the car a bit more in front?” he says this was done because he knew that both Raikkonen and Vettel like to feel the car in the same way.

Raikkonen has praised the team for the improvements made this season. He says people have been working more closely, as one team. Adding “I’m sure we will get there but we want to start winning races more often and we just have to have some patience and do the work that we’ve done so far and we will get there.”


Best chance of success – Horner

Red Bull boss Christian Horner says that the team future in Formula one remain on Renault. But this year Red Bull a war of words have broken out between the team and engine manufacture.

Red Bull has ruled out building its own engine and apparently failed to bring Volkswagen brand to the grid, and acknowledged that key rivals Mercedes and Ferrari are not viable alternative suppliers.

He told Formula1.com “In reality, our best chance is with Renault. We have won 50 Grands Prix and eight world championships together — so sometimes frustration boils over.”


Aril or Bell helmet

Lewis Hamilton has appeared to have ended a 20-year relationship with helmet supplier Arai by swapping to Bell.

Hamilton had a ‘gentleman’s agreement’ with the Japanese company, who supply free helmets and service to F1 drivers, but have a policy of not paying them a fee on top.

For the first time Hamilton ran a Bell helmet during qualifying but hasn’t commented on why. But he told Motosports.com “I haven’t made any decisions. I was just trying… As a driver you want to improve everywhere, and the [Arai] helmet’s not been in the wind tunnel. I’ve had Schuberth trying to get me to try their helmet as well.”

But sores Arail suggest the decision as a tipping point, and that the company can no longer support Hamilton. Bell posted on Facebook “Fabulous results for our Bell drivers Lewis Hamilton and Kimi Raikkonen at Bahrain GP 2015.”


Red Bull on the loose in Vienna

Daniel Ricciardo has done a demonstration in the Austrian capital Vienna, 60,000 fans turned up for the event and watched on as Ricciardo performed a few donuts around the purpose-built arena.

Ricciardo told the International Business Times “it’s always unique driving in the city. The roads are a lot more dirty than a race track, so it’s very slippery – but it actually makes it better for these events, because we can spin the tyres easier and create a bit more of a show for the fans.”

Ricciardo is seventh in the Formula One standing and is 74 points behind the world championship leader Lewis Hamilton.


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